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March Drawings and Book Pages, Part 1

These items are part of a new series that will be featured in several locations during the month of April.

First, I am excited to announce that I will be joining the artists represented by Braselton Gallery. As part of this new partnership, I will be participating in the semi-annual Braselton Antique and Artisan Festival April 22-24.

On Saturday, April 30, I will be at the Gainesville Chicken Festival‘s ReHatched Market.

I hope you can stop by one of these locations to see the work in person.
























Track Braselton Gallery updates and new art on their Facebook Page


Daily Drawing 2.10.2016: Angel Study

This drawing was the initial study for a large scale angel painting that I created to help raise money to fight human trafficking. My friend Katie was gracious enough to pose for the reference photos for this project.

The painting was purchased by a good friend, and consequently, has become one of my few donated paintings to remain where I can enjoy it. Just before Christmas, it survived a large fire and I had the opportunity to restore it for its owner. It is now on loan for my booth at Don Byram Art and Antiques hosted by the Jackson County Arts Council. If you live in the area, please stop by and check it out in person.


DBA Booth



MachinePolitick is Going Public!

I am proud to announce that I will be part of an upcoming public art project in downtown Gainesville, Georgia. My painting, The Revolutionary Halo of (Social) Justice was chosen from submissions by local artists.
I will make further announcements once a location is chosen and the unveiling date is set. 

Free Range Art Project

Vision 2030, in partnership with the Quinlan Visual Arts Center and the North Georgia Community Foundation, will be creating Free Range Art Project “murals” which will involve reproducing two dimensional works on an 8-foot by 8-foot scale durable, fade-resistant marine grade board. There will be 10 pieces in total selected on a rotating basis for the purpose of temporary installation in a public area in Gainesville/Hall County.

Five (5) will be installed in 2015, and five (5) in 2016. These interchangeable pieces will be on view for approximately three (3) years. Artists will be identified on location in all promotional materials for the project. Sites and piece selections will be determined by the Public Art Committee of Vision 2030.


Handcrafted for the Holidays

Please join me this weekend for the annual Christmas Market at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center in Gainesville. I will be one of the art vendors with small patriotic art, primitives and folk pieces, hand-made Christmas cards and ornaments, and painted boxes and trunks. 


The Free Range Art Project

Wish me luck. I have submitted one of my crows for a local mural project. I will post more info if I am accepted.

The Free Range Art Project

Submission for Frances Byrd;


Frances Byrd is a fine artist and freelance illustrator. She earned a BFA from the Savannah College of Art in Design for Illustration, has worked for an ad agency devoted to film marketing, and manages several projects online independently, as well as for other artists. Frances is currently serving on the board of the Jackson County Arts Council and is an active member in the planning and organization of the annual Folk to Fine Arts Festival in Commerce, Georgia.
Frances’ personal art tends toward the larger scale, with an emphasis on story-telling and icon development. She tackles a wide range of subjects, including current events and social issues. Most recently, she has made connections within the community with organizations combating human trafficking, including programs to rehabilitate and educate the victims. Frances makes an annual donation of art to a fund-raising event in Hall County called Take Aim at Human Trafficking.

Statement on the Art

The painting, The Revolutionary Halo of (Social) Justice, is part of an ongoing series of works designed to develop iconography based on the American Crow. This piece specifically questions the beliefs thrust upon us by society and community leaders for manipulative purposes. 
The striking profile of the crow and the painstaking rendering of the image combine to draw the viewer in to examine the subtlety of color and texture within the painting. Words within the underpainting peak through to invite closer examination of the work. The concept behind this series is to teach the individual to take control of the information they absorb and form educated opinions about their lives and society.

The Virginia Avery 4th Biennial “Reflections” Juried Exhibition

My next show at the Quinlan Center:

The Virginia Avery 4th Biennial “Reflections” Juried Exhibition

Opening Reception, Thursday, August 20th 5:30 – 7:00 PM

The Atlanta Branch of the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) presents the 4th Biennial Virginia Avery “Reflections” Juried Exhibition. The NLAPW is the nation’s oldest organization for creative women. Founded in 1897 with 17 charter members, the organization was formed to encourage, recognize and promote the production of creative work of professional standard in Art, Letters, and Music, members include journalists, painters, musicians, sculptors, poets, illustrators, songwriters- famous PenWomen including Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Mitchell and Grandma Moses. There are now over 2500 members with branches across the nation. Virginia Avery served The National League of American Pen Women as National President, as President of the Georgia State Association, and as president of the Atlanta Branch.

The 4th Biennial Virginia Avery “Reflections” Exhibition at the Quinlan was juried by artist Dianne Mize. Mize was the Department Head and Associate Professor of Art at Piedmont College through 1984 and the co-founder of what would become The Art Studio at Sautee Nacoochee Center. There were 450 entries to this exhibit, juried down to 150 pieces by 128 artists, all of whom are from Georgia. The first prize of $1000 will be announced at the opening reception on August 20th.

Sometimes, it’s disappointing when you get accepted to a show.

I’m not complaining, but I am a little dumb-founded.

First, the good news – I was accepted to the Pen Women show coming up in August. The confusing part – the piece they chose.


I submitted a sculpture and two paintings.


They chose the sculpture; the least complex and challenging of the artwork. It just goes to show, art is in the eye of the beholder.

I will post links and info when the promo materials arrive.

Lifted Up On Golden Wings

This is the working title for the painting I am working on to auction at the Family Outdoor Expo, to benefit victims of human trafficking in Georgia. Some times, the title of a painting changes before it is completed; some times not. 

Lifted Up On Golden Wings

The painting is 40″ x 60″, acrylic on canvas. It will likely remain unframed.

You can track my progress on it by following my Facebook Page for Libertas Americana.

Below is the scripture pictured in the underpainting. When completed, only portions will show through the final layers. I tend to use text as much for compositional and textural elements as I do for messaging.




Matthew 15:30-32

Jeremiah 22:3, 15-16

Isaiah 61:1, 8-11

Romans 8:21-22

Frances Byrd is the National Director of, and a contributing writer at Western Free Press and FreedomWorks. Her articles have also been published at Blog Bytes and Big Hollywood . Mrs. Byrd’s conceptual art and writing can be viewed at MachinePolitick or Libertas Americana.

Horses, Patriotism and Art Therapy

***The featured image for this post is one of the paintings I donated in 2014 to help raise money for Take Aim At Human Trafficking.***

Five short years ago, I partnered with a wonderful woman in Pennsylvania to host an event to promote patriotism in the arts. Because I live in Georgia, this event did not become a annual project, but it still comes to mind on occasion. As I get ready to embark on a new partnership to use my art to help bring social change to my area (fighting the human trafficking industry), I thought it would be a good time to post an example of how art can be used in a public venue to promote good. The banners shown below will be available for purchase at my booth during the Family Outdoor Expo on July 11th in Gainesville, Georgia. Other items that will be available include: fine art, painted furniture and boxes, primitives, hand-printed cards, fine art prints, and work by guest artists who donated items for the fund raising auction.

For additional information, please contact Frances Byrd at 

Custom Banners

Please contact or 678-923-4999 to negotiate commission of banners. You will need to specify size and deadline when ordering custom work. Pricing will be determined on an individual basis according to deadline, size, complexity of composition and desired materials.

PPP 008 PPP PPP 010

This image is the property of MachinePolitick. Permission is required for any form of use.

The Patriot Pony Project

Performance Art Event

June 12th, 2010

Artist: Frances Byrd

Contributing Partners: Whispering Winds Horse Farm and Horses 4 Heroes

Farm Art 003

Claire's Barn2

Claire's Barn3

The Patriot Pony Project

The Patriot Pony Project is an equine based performance art exhibition. The project is a partnership between Frances Byrd of MachinePolitick and Claire LeJeune Kemp of Whispering Winds ; designed to promote patriotism and liberty through the utilization of a series of living canvases. The beautiful horses of Whispering Winds will be hand painted with non-toxic materials by Frances. Each painted horse will be a living manifestation of an original piece of art by the artist, designed specifically for this live event. There will be a short description of the project’s formation and the artist’s passion for Liberty and America as well as a description of her larger projects to promote those ideas through her art.

Claire LeJeune Kemp,  Certified Equine Specialist will give a demonstration on the objectives of the Patriot Pony Project. Fulfilling Connections newest workshop! The Patriot Pony is for children and families of our brave military.  Our staff and our horses, the facilitators, teach social skills through special training. Painting on them is just one of  many tasks students are assigned with their partner, the horse. The real power of the horse is “connection”!   Join us as we will be kicking off our Patriot Pony Workshop. Many of our military families are struggling with how to cope while their loved one is missing during their life  – causing trauma, especially to the children.  We will nurture healthy choices and work with families, schools,  and therapists in a positive,  and safe learning environment.

 The audience will then be invited to ask questions, tour the facilities at Whispering Winds, meet the staff, and view fine art in the horse barn.

For additional information, please contact Frances Byrd at