CPAC Artist: Cristina Hasigan


Passionate about life, I paint all that touches my senses…nature, life, emotion, thought, prayer. I am a keeper of traditions and secrets of the masters, sanctuary for the innocent. Impasto, gold, glazes…the brilliance of the pure hue. My palettes evolve from series to series; I work on 10-12 paintings at once. Dual artistic existence cradles my expression from Byzantine rituals to secular delights.

Conservative Artistic Goals

  • The opportunity to meet and interact with conservative artists.

  • Leaving a true conservative message for the succeeding generations.

  • The political issues that America is facing have brought Conservatives together in a common goal of preserving our country as our Founding Fathers left it for us.

  • For generations only the left, anti-anything moral and good have received the artistic accolades, grants and media coverage. It is time to show the true American artistic fabric through creativity, impact and reach to every area of our society.

  • It is time to let the liberals feel the pressure of changeā€¦.a Conservative change!

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You can view more of Christina’s work at her web page.

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