Garish: Roadside Color Polaroids by Robert Jones

A man after my own heart, Robert Jones snubs his nose at the snobbery and narrow-mindedness of the art community with this beautiful and moving collection of Polaroid photographs. The “Garish” color and unsettling undercurrent of some of the photos are qualities that first attracted me to Mr. Jones’ work. In his coffee table book, Garish, Robert captures the quirky, the possibly forgotten, and the aesthetically shocking in a way that compels the observer to flip the pages in anticipation of the unseen images to come.

Though not a photographer myself – I am a wielder of paint and hand-cut prints – I appreciate the painterly quality of many of  Roberts photographs. In particular, when reading the book, I was continually and pleasantly surprised by the bold and often contrasting colors contained in its pages. Further, in reading his thoughts on the photography community’s disdain for color, I couldn’t help but relate with his experiences. As a painter of ideas that often offend the sensibilities of the mainstream art community, I know full well how it feels to be on the outside looking in.

Garish is a fitting addition to the coffee table collection of any discerning art enthusiast – particularly those who can think outside the box and welcome a new perspective. For those with more traditional preferences, I direct you to the monumental works touched on in the book depicting the silos and grain elevators of the American west. These awe-inspiring and humbling photos can be viewed on Robert’s web page, along with many other collections.

Robert Jones is an accomplished photographer whose work has been shown in galleries world-wide. His portfolio can be viewed at Robert Jones Photography.

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