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Don't Cry for Me Amerika

Don’t Cry for Me Amerika

Don’t Cry for Me Amerika

Completed: 2009

Medium: Acrylic and paper on wood panel.

Dimensions: 24″w x 48″h x 2″d

Price: $550

This painting is a dual portrait of Hillary Clinton and Eva Peron. It’s purpose is to highlight and criticize the similarities between these two powerful women. Both made their rise to power through the political careers of their husbands, and went on to dictate policy according to their own beliefs. Although Hillary Clinton has not achieved the martyr status of Peron, who died young of cancer, she has made her mark on American History.

As the title suggests, both women had an overwhelming arrogance and over-inflated sense of their own importance. Both women would stop at nothing to achieve their goals and had no regard for the concerns of the people they set out to ‘help’. Don’t Cry for Me Amerika is a testament to the big government mentality and power-hungry actions of two women hell-bent on making a place for themselves in history. It’s a shame so many lives have been destroyed by their collective actions. The people they set out to ‘help’ ultimately are worse off than before their meddling programs were instituted. Argentina, has never recovered from the atrocities wrought by the Peron regime. Hillary is more than willing to take America down the same path. For that reason, this painting is not meant to be complementary to either woman. Some may view their achievements as great, but I disagree. The fact that Eva Peron’s tomb is worshiped as a shrine is a testament to the ignorance of those obsessed with celebrity culture. She may have achieved much in her life, but in the end, she was just another loud-mouth Liberal actress with bleached blond hair.

Because I did a great deal of research for this painting, I would like to highlight some of the similarities between their actions and beliefs.

  • Support of government education
  • Socialized health care
  • Public housing
  • Support of and funded by Unions
  • Portrayed themselves as working for the poor, while living in luxury
  • Large portions of their political bases from low-income and working class people who didn’t understand their true motives
  • Wardrobes and jewels manufactured by high-end designers
  • Powerful speakers, prone to screaming and shrill tirades who are unable to accept criticism
  • Campaigned heavily for their husbands rise to power, then used their influence to dictate programs
  • Out of touch with the true needs of the people, in the case of Clinton, she has been known to say that she will ‘give the people what she thinks they need, regardless of what they want’
  • Both have been embroiled in corruption, even in the very programs that were ‘designed to help the poor’
  • Masters at distracting the public from the actions and scandals created by their husbands
  • Both behave like royalty



Compassionate Conservatism #1

Completed: 2008

Medium: Acrylic and vine charcoal on wood panel.

Dimensions: 24w x 24h x 2d

Notes: Unframed

Price: $285


This painting is meant to address the most disturbing aspect of George Bush’s terms as President. As the title suggests, I feel that Compassionate Conservatism is the worst legacy Bush could have bestowed upon the people of the United States. Above all else, it is the one thing about his Presidency that has had the most affect on the most people. As a matter of fact, it is the root of all the problems in his administration. It is the compulsion that drives him to nation building in Iraq, financial bailouts, and bad economic policy at home, and environmental legislation that affects the livelihoods of many Americans.

Compassionate Conservatism, with the support of the Democratic majority in Congress have worked together to the massive increase in national debt, a huge deficit, and increased government intervention in people’s lives. The spending programs alone are creating a burden that the taxpayers of today and future generations will struggle to pay. As a result of this movement within the Republican Party toward compassion and away from Constitutional principles, we are now faced with one major party in this country that does everything in its power to keep anyone else from challenging their power. Because most voters make their electoral decisions based on Party affiliation, rather than principle, we are faced with a huge problem. The Republicans and Democrats are now fighting to spend more money on their respective constituents, rather than performing the job laid out in the Constitution.

People say W is the worst President in history. Although I find the assertion excessive, I can concede that it has some merit. My main argument is that Congress has had as much to do with the creation of the mess we are in as Bush has. They pass the Bills and write the legislation, therefore, they share the guilt. Bush’s guilt lies in his inability to stand up to his campaign promises and use his power of veto. He let the American people down by running on a campaign of reform and compromising on everything he proposed as well as signing on to huge pork and entitlement programs.

The only redeeming quality of his administration is the prevention of further terrorist attacks since 9/11. Unfortunately, that accomplishment is sullied by the abuse of civil liberties perpetrated in the Patriot Act as well as the enormous debt being incurred in Iraq. Although I supported the war, I think it is time to let the Iraqi people take responsibility for their own country and remove another source of debt from the American taxpayers.

It is not our government’s job to take care of us, protect us from ourselves, or dictate morality to us when no one else is harmed by our actions. Our government should stop trying to police the world, and let the American people choose who and how much they help with foreign aid on a personal level. There is no justification for the government to dictate charity at the point of a gun.


Effigy #1984

Completed: 2004

Medium: Pencil and mixed media.

Price $275

Dimensions: 37w x 18h x 1d

Notes: Professionally framed with conservation glass.


This illustration is a commentary on the overwhelming hatred of George Bush that seems to infect most of the liberal population. Granted, all politicians have opposition, but I can’t remember hearing so many people wishing someone dead as there are for Bush. I’m not his biggest fan by far, but we could and have done worse.

The level of hatred and overwhelming anger exhibited by these people reminded me of the Two Minutes Hate in George Orwell’s novel 1984, so I set to work making a visual representation of the phenomenon. I have personally had conversations with people who broke down and screamed “Bush is a fascist” when the discussion didn’t go their way. It seems to be a mania, or dementia, or compulsion to call a person a Nazi when you can no longer carry on a rational conversation. I guess the point I’m making is, it’s a little scary when people get so angry they can’t be rational anymore.

Accordingly, I used excerpts from the book that illustrate the point I’m trying to make. Each excerpt is accompanied with a graphic image that is a visual representation of the thought expressed in the novel. they’re arranged in a gritty, sequential art style that is supposed to make you feel a little edgy- the way those people make me feel when they start raving. I’ll be the first to say I’m guilty of the same behavior, but I like to spread it around a little. I tend to think all the politicians are the problem, and our government could stand a little less of itself.

A great deal of thought went into this piece and there was much research into the visual elements as well as the literary. The celebrity quotes are from a variety of sources and I didn’t document them as well as I normally would, but they’re out there if you look hard enough. The rest of the quotes and statistics are referenced below.


The Origin of the Double Standard
Michael Tremoglie    www.mensnewsdaily.com

Hate Speech from the Left
Jeff Jacoby    December 29, 2003 www.townhall.com

Like, I’m Psychologically Disturbed
Cal Thomas    July 29, 2003 www.townhall.com

1984, George Orwell
Excerpts from Chapter 5    www.online-literature.com

The American Psychological Association Psychological Bulletin Study on Conservative Behavior    www.wam.umd.edu



Empty Behind the Mask

Completed: 2005

Medium: Oil on Canvas.

Dimensions: 26w x 26h x 2d

Notes: Framed by artist.

Price: $340


This painting is a portrait of John Kerry as he is, rather than as he portrays himself. He is a two-faced opportunist who will say anything to get a vote or advance his cause. He says what he thinks the target audience wants to hear, which is often the opposite of a stand he took with another audience just a short time before on the same topic. There is very little that he seems to have a concrete opinion of, other than the Iraq war being wrong (although the reasons are various and contradictory) and all the other rich guys are evil, but he’s just an everyday Joe. His opinions are so conflicting and diverse as to be incomprehensible. I originally intended to include quotes in this painting, but there are too many to choose from. You can find them easily if you do a little research of your own.

Some suggested articles to get you on your way are listed below. Although they were not the inspiration for this piece (Kerry is all the inspiration I needed), they illustrate the point I am making.


John Kerry vs John Kerry on legal reform. The Center for Individual Freedom, October 18, 2004 http://www.cfif.org



The Jersey Girls and the Vile Business of Blood Money

Completed: 2004

Medium: Acrylic on board.

Price $200

Dimensions: 12.25w x 17h x 3d

Notes: Framed by artist.


This painting is a fairly straightforward representation of my disgust with the people who are taking advantage of the deaths of the 9/11 victims. The Jersey Girls are a particularly offensive portion of this group because they work so hard to be prominent in the media by exploiting the deaths of their husbands. This behavior is repulsive in so many ways and belittles the losses suffered by everyone in the terrorist attacks on the Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the planes on 9/11.

The vultures are an obvious representation of the widows. The rest of the imagery is representative of the death and destruction they use for their personal benefit. If you look closely, you can see the firefighters risking their lives to rescue anyone they can.

A great deal of research went into the visual components of this painting. Although there are no graphs or quotes included, there is an article listed below that gives some perspective on the behavior of the widows.


The 9/11 Widows: Americans are beginning to tire of them.
Dorothy Rabinowitz’s Media Log
Wednesday, April 14, 2004http://opinionjournal.com/medialog/?id=110004950.html

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