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In 2014,Frances Byrd of MachinePolitick opened a mini-gallery of her work at Our Town Antiques in Commerce, Georgia.  

Items include fine art, hand-printed cards, primitive sculpture, painted furniture and work by local veteran artists and members of Liberatchik.

 1671 S. Elm Street
Commerce, GA  30529

HOME FOLK: A Celebration of Folk Art

Exhibition Dates: June 11 – August 15
Opening Reception, Thursday, June 11, 5:30 – 7:00 PM @ The Quinlan Center, Gainesville, Georgia

March 7-9, 2014

Folk to Fine Art Festival and Expo, Commerce Civic Center, downtown Commerce, GA
MachinePolitick art that will be on display at the festival can be seen here.
Work by friends who will be represented by MachinePolitick will be added shortly.

February 2013 – Preparing for CPAC


Promo Cards by Christina @


Marketing for CPAC 2011

Propaganda by MachinePolitick



Defend Liberty Learn more @

Defend Liberty
Learn more @

Tyrant Obama in Red

Tyrant Obama in Red
Learn more @

Being a propagandist is not difficult!
You are only limited by your dedication and perseverance.
Learn more at:




Frances Byrd is the National Director of, a conservative political artist and blogger. Her art can be viewed at

“Reflections” Juried Art Exhibit

January 19, 2012 – March 3, 2012

Location: Mable House Arts Center – Mableton, GA

Our Lady Nippon Art Benefit for Japan TONIGHT at 8:00 « Machine Politick Proceeds go directly to Artists Help Japan:


Final Composition
Final Composition

I am nearing the completion of a large project that has been my primary focus for several weeks. I am posting some of the photos to show the process behind the work and begin promoting the event, which is at the end of July.

About a month ago, I was contacted by the folks at Mercury One, a charity organization founded by Glenn Beck. I have been asked to create a painting for the upcoming online auction to raise money for the Restoring Love event in Dallas this July. After much brainstorming and communication with Mercury One, I have come up with a design that illustrates their mission and their goals to preserve the integrity of America and our culture.

Here is what I have so far.

Concept Drawing for the first layer of the paintings.


This is the color layout for the first layer.


Graphics studies for Mercury One and Restoring Love.


This is the final concept sketch for the paintings. A variety of iconography from Mercury One, Restoring Love 2012 and the 1791 clothing line by Glenn Beck have been included throughout the composition.
The finished piece of art will be a triptych, composed of three canvases (30 x 40 inches each).


Photo of canvases 1 and 2 with the completed first layer of the composition. The purple hearts replacing the stars in the flag are the Merit icon from he Restoring Love graphics.


Canvas #1. Blue wash for the sky.


This is a detail of the text in the left hand painting of the triptych. The source is Colossians 3:12-15 from the King James Bible.


This is the center canvas. In the foreground is farmland that I am working on. Text will be added across the bottom. In the center is a buffalo graphic from Beck’s 1791 clothing line. There will be text for the Bill of Rights across the top.

The 3rd canvas with Liberty.

1791, the date of the final ratification of the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution.


Mercury One’s logo combined with a t-shirt design from Glenn Beck’s 1791 line. Detail from center canvas.


This is the right hand panel in the triptych. The gold circles are the lids of mason jars, symbolizing self-reliance and self-sufficiency rather than dependence upon government.


Detail of Liberty from the third canvas. Working on shading and creating volume.


Full composition approximately as it will hang when completed. The canvases are too large to hang properly in my studio.

Mercury 1Panel1

This is the first panel with the sky and farmland completed.

Mercury 1Panel2

This is the center panel with the continued themes of farmland and the swooping swallows. Several graphic elements have been added to represent Mercury One and their partner organizations.


The third panel is nearly completed. In this photo, Liberty is nearing completion and the swallows have been added. In the final layer, some wheat will be overlapping from the center canvas and a Mercury One slogan will be added: Malice Toward None, With Charity for All.

Swallows 001

The center panel of the M1 triptych with completed graphics and swallows.

Swallows 002

The first panel of the M1 triptych with the farmhouse completed and the barn swallows taking shape.

Swallows 003
Detail of swallow across second and third panels.

Panel 1 Completed
Panel 1 Completed
Panel 2 Completed
Panel 2 Completed
Panel 3 Completed
Panel 3 Completed

CPAC 2011: Liberatchik Art for Liberty












Villains at the Highlander – April 28, 2011.

I am submitting a portrait of Che Guevara for this show. Photos to be posted shortly. This is an opportunity to get a small scale work at a good price.

Auction to benefit The Atlanta Urban Debate League – April 29, 2011

pelham 2011-01085

I have donated my painting, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death for this event.

To purchase tickets for the auction, visit their site.

Defending the American Dream Summit – April 30, 2011

I will be painting live on stage again for this event. Because of limited time, I will be sending photos out of the work in progress prior to the event. The final layer and signature will be completed at the event. You can purchase tickets here. This is an opportunity to get a large piece of Liberty themed art for the cost of a raffle ticket and support a conservative organization. The money raised will be split between AFP and myself to fund my trip to Kansas.


Frances is the Senior Editor of Liberatchik and manages the Liberatchik FaceBook Page. She is also a political artist and blogger. You can view her portfolio and additional articles at MachinePolitick. This article was written for Liberatchik.



This image is the property of MachinePolitick. Permission is required for any form of use.

The Patriot Pony Project

Performance Art Event

June 12th, 2010

Artist: Frances Byrd

Contributing Partners: Whispering Winds Horse Farm and Horses 4 Heroes



MT. PLEASANT, PENNSYLVANIA, 15666-3511 – 724.547.2550

The Patriot Pony Project

The Patriot Pony Project is an equine based performance art exhibition. The project is a partnership between Frances Byrd of MachinePolitick and Claire LeJeune Kemp of Whispering Winds ; designed to promote patriotism and liberty through the utilization of a series of living canvases. The beautiful horses of Whispering Winds will be hand painted with non-toxic materials by Frances. Each painted horse will be a living manifestation of an original piece of art by the artist, designed specifically for this live event. There will be a short description of the projects formation and the artist’s passion for Liberty and America as well as a description of her larger projects to promote those ideas through her art.

Claire LeJeune Kemp,  Certified Equine Specialist will give a demonstration on the objectives of the Patriot Pony Project. Fulfilling Connections newest workshop! The Patriot Pony is for children and families of our brave military.  Our staff and our horses, the facilitators, teach social skills through special training. Painting on them is just one of  many tasks students are assigned with their partner, the horse. The real power of the horse is “connection”!   Join us as we will be kicking off our Patriot Pony Workshop. Many of our military families are struggling with how to cope while their loved one is missing during their life  – causing trauma, especially to the children.  We will nurture healthy choices and work with families, schools,  and therapists in a positive,  and safe learning environment.

A scholarship fund has been established to support this workshop. The audience will then be invited to ask questions, tour the facilities at Whispering Winds, meet the staff, and view fine art in the horse barn.

For additional information, please contact Frances Byrd at or Claire LeJeune Kemp at 724.547.2550

If you would like to donate money to fund my efforts, you can do so using Paypal:

Farm Art 003



Claire's Barn2


Claire's Barn3

Custom Banners

Please contact or 678-923-4999 to negotiate commission of banners. You will need to specify size and deadline when ordering custom work. Pricing will be determined on an individual basis according to deadline, size, complexity of composition and desired materials.

PPP 008 PPP PPP 010





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