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Declarationist Art Manifesto

The persecution that modern Conservative artists face may not be government sanctioned, but it is no less effective or pervasive because of this fact. The art community has long been dominated by the Liberal perspective. Hollywood leads the creative venues in its confidence of its Liberal majority and seeks to censor or blacklist it’s Conservative members without concern for, nor expectation of reprisal. This Manifesto is exactly that. A challenge and a reprisal. It is a loud and clear statement that Conservatives in the  art community will no longer stand for such treatment. We have drawn a line in the sand, and no Liberal may cross that line in pursuit of their ideology or agenda.

The Conservative perspective has long been considered invalid as an avenue of creative expression. We are considered unworthy of inclusion and representation by the art community at large. By writing this Manifesto, I challenge the art community to show their support of diversity of opinion and inclusion of Conservative political views, or step aside. We will be held back no longer.

This artistic Manifesto is intended to be the creative equivalent of the Declaration of Independence. It is our separation from a community that neither respects, nor supports our beliefs. It is a statement that we will stand up to the bias of the art community and make our voices heard loud and clear. It is the beginning of a long battle to make our talents and points of view mainstream. Most importantly, it is an encouragement as well as a challenge to creative Conservatives at large to:

  1. Stand up for your views – be loud and proud in your Conservative principles to whatever degree you have them.

  2. Become a propagandist – produce fine art, comedy, film, music, and commercial design that is blatantly supportive of your personal views.

  3. Spread the word – if you are not comfortable making your views known for fear of reprisal, help those of us who are through word of mouth and financial support.

  4. Do not quietly accept your exile – you have nothing to loose, and much to gain.

This movement will require the efforts of the entire Conservative community. We need support, networking, encouragement and financing to make this happen. Do not stand idly by and continue to watch the destruction of our culture through the unchallenged spread of Liberal propaganda. Produce your own in equal measure. If you are unable to support our efforts financially, make those who can aware of us. You can no longer stand back and complain that there is no meaningful or political art you can support. If you do not help, you are part of the problem.

It is time to stop trying to get along in the Liberal art community. We must create our own. We are neither supported nor tolerated. Leave them to their agenda, and work to support our own. There is no reason or excuse for compromising our political principles in the interest of getting along. It is time to strike out on our own course and raise our voices proudly for Liberty, Conservatism, the preservation of our country and our culture.

This is an ideological as well as creative project. We are at the forefront of a new movement and we encourage you to join us.

In sum, the following is my challenge to all who read this manifesto. Liberals are not welcome in our community. We have an agenda as well as a purpose. We stand tall for the preservation of Liberty, limited government, and our the individual. We will fight this battle on our terms, not yours. We will no longer serve the Liberal agenda on our knees, but stand firmly on our feet and create a movement to express and support our views. This is both a clarion call to all Conservative artists and a challenge to the Liberal art community at large. Conservatives, stand up and make your voices heard through your creative talents or step aside for those of us who will lead the way. Liberals, we will be silenced no more.

A joint effort between Modern Conservative and MachinePolitick to inject conservative, libertarian and independent perspectives into the communities of art and culture in America.

The Conservative Artists’ Handbook

*Art for the new American Revolution

*Creative, Conservative, Agitprop

*How to be Openly Conservative in the Liberal Wasteland of the Arts

  1. Be strong in the conviction that you have a right to your opinions and their expression through your work. If you are not overtly political through your creativity, this rule does not apply. However, do not be afraid or ashamed of your philosophical views. Regardless of your inspiration or its manifestation, your personality, in its entirety, is essential to your creativity. Feelings are very powerful; put them to use.

  2. You must be willing to work hard. This is particularly important to those of you interested in creating political and patriotic works of art, be they film, paintings, sculpture, etc. The art community is cliquish and closed-minded in general, and often outwardly hostile to those it finds offensive. Be prepared to offend people, even when it is not your intention to do so. The best response is a reasoned argument.

  3. Do your research. If you intend to produce propaganda, you must be diligent in this point. If something elicits an emotional reaction, and inspires a painting, by all means—get to work! However, you must be prepared to defend yourself when you go public with it. You will be misunderstood and reviled in equal measure. As with political discussion, you will have more success defending your views if you can back them up with facts. If you are a purely emotional artist, be prepared to explain why you feel the way you do. Although emotionalism is seen as a virtue by the Left, they will often use yours to berate and demean you. It will be considered a sign of weakness. At some point in your career, you will run into an intellectual elitist who will expect you to know every date and name associated with the subject of your work. Save yourself the frustration of their condescension by providing as much information as you can. (These are usually professors or ex-school teachers, and they can be very patronizing.)

  4. Do not allow your views to be invalidated by accusations of “bigotry” or “fascism.” Be prepared to defend yourself and offer reasoned explanations of your meaning. Giving real examples of collectivist/leftist oppression, bigotry, and fascism will help to educate the undecided, as well as to defend you, your work, and the concepts of Liberty and individualism.

Obstacles to overcome: Liberal outrage, lack of support from and general indifference of the Conservative community, general misunderstanding, resentment, fear of reprisal, black-listing by the art community, propaganda from the opposition.

Necessary qualities to acquire: courage, perseverance, strength, passion, conviction, principles, and determination. All of these traits are vital to combating the opposition.


  1. Expose the shibboleths of the Left.

  2. Extol the virtues of Freedom and individualism.

  3. Combat Liberal propaganda with Conservative propaganda.

  4. Produce patriotic art.

  5. Build up the positive while tearing down the negative.

  6. Network and spread awareness of the movement through your work.

  7. Announce openly that you would rather die on your feet, fighting for your principles, than serve the Liberal agenda on your knees or sit idly by while you are censored.

  8. Encourage other artists, particularly those starting their careers, through mentoring, patronage, encouragement, and exposure of their work.

  9. Educate yourself on the history of America and the failures of collectivism. Spread awareness and knowledge in order to extol the virtues of Liberty and the importance of individualism.


  1. Individualism vs. Collectivism

  2. Limited Government vs. Big Brother

  3. Fiscal Responsibility vs. Entitlements and Wealth Redistribution

  4. Personal Responsibility vs. Dependence on Government

  5. The Rule of Law vs. Majority Rule

  6. Freedom and Liberty vs. Regulation

Things we will not support:

  1. Personal attacks – Arguments and disagreements should be based on fact, not emotions. Present reasoned arguments rather than libelous tirades. Vindictiveness and dishonesty invalidate our efforts.

  2. Unfounded rumors – We have enough valid points to make without creating issues. Rumors will only serve to make us the lunatic fringe.

  3. Closed-Mindedness – We, as individuals, will differ on our opinions and personal agendas. However, we all agree on the core conservative principles of liberty and limited government. Promotion and expression of Conservative values come with freedom. We must respect the right of others to disagree. If you are socially/religiously as well as fiscally Conservative, use your art to express your faith and convictions! However, please do not berate those who do not share your views or use this site to force your views on others. If you are strongly supportive of national security, extol the virtues of closed borders and our military. However, be aware that you will be perceived by some as a bigot and an imperialist. In all of your endeavors, you must strive to be reasoned and educated. We will be portrayed as extremists. Rather than validate the accusation, we must present a positive message.

Those interested in having their name and links added to the Liberatchik site should contact for consideration. All artists are welcome, with the exception of Liberal propagandists. We at Modern Conservative/Liberatchik reserve the right to exclude or remove artists from our site at our discretion and without notice. This is our castle, and we will not have it torn down from within.

We are looking forward to your participation. Conservatives, into the breach! The art world needs a wake-up call!

Liberatchik – A Creative Declaration of Independence, brought to you by the joint efforts of Frances Byrd of MachinePolitick and Christopher Cook of Western Free Press

Utilizing Conservative Principles of Propaganda

From the New American Webster Handy College Dictionary, Revised and Expanded Edition: ideas disseminated to support a doctrine
From the American Century Thesaurus: 1. agitprop, disinformation, newspeak, rumors, lies. 2. advertising, promotion, publicity, public relations, puff, fanfare.
From 1. the systemic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause. 2. material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause: wartime propaganda. 3. propaganda Roman Catholic Church. A division of the Roman Curia that has authority in the matter of preaching the gospel, of establishing the Church in non-Christian countries, and of administering Church missions in territories where there is no properly organized hierarchy.
From Encyclopedia Systemic spreading… of information or disinformation, … usually to promote a religious or political doctrine with the intention of instilling particular attitudes or responses. As a system of spreading information it was considered a legitimate instrument of government, but became notorious through the deliberate distortion of facts or the publication of falsehoods by totalitarian regimes, notably Nazi Germany.
The word comes from the activities of a special sacred congregation of the Roman Catholic Church…which sought to spread the faith and recruit members.
In the US in the 1980s, the term ‘public diplomacy’ was introduced. Government-sponsored reports and articles were presented to the media as independent sources…
…black propaganda (a pack of lies), grey propaganda (half-truths and distortions), white propaganda (the truth).
Propaganda has been practiced since the earliest times, but modern mass media has made it much easier to appeal to wide domestic and foreign audiences…
You might be wondering why I just put you through so many definitions of the same word – propaganda. It is because I am endeavoring to better understand the term, its use, and the affect it has had on our culture. From there, I want to examine how the government, media, and entertainment industries are using propaganda to influence our points of view. The answers to all of these issues are crucial to our understanding of the opposition and the formation of a reasoned and honest rebuttal. As a political artist, I well understand the power of a strong and succinct image, that, through repetition, becomes an influential icon. In this way, the arts have become one of the most powerful influences on the American people and culture, with few of us aware of how it happened.
Ask yourself a couple of questions. How did you form your personal philosophy? What influences led you to the formation of those beliefs? Did you verify facts, or merely accept ideas at face value? Are you even aware of where you got the information, or when you first formed your beliefs? If you cannot answer these questions satisfactorily, it is time for you to do some research. I am not here to change your mind, or convince you that I am right. You must make those decisions for yourself. What I am here to do is accumulate the information I need to better understand how to explain and promote the concept of Liberty, why it is preferable to the nanny state of big government, and how I intend to use my art to spread this message. Finally, I am encouraging all artists who share my views to step up and join the fight.
This is propaganda. I will not lie to you, and you are free to leave at any time. I hope, however, that you will verify my assertions and form your own opinions.

How Can Art Affect Public Perceptions, Opinions and Philosophy?

Art affects people on many levels. First and foremost, it affects the viewer by appealing to their individual aesthetic preferences. We may not know why we like a piece of art, only that it appeals to us. This visual connection may be a result of color, composition, shape, balance and a myriad of other elements, alone or in various combinations. Some work appeals to us merely because it is pretty. Other pieces illicit an emotional reaction. Our attractions vary with our beliefs and personalities, as much as with the merits of the work we are viewing.
The iconic nature of modern graphic design, and its influence on the fine arts, has become a useful and often subtle tool of the modern propagandist. We are so immersed in the realm of digital and printed media, that we are often exposed to ideas and marketing on a subconscious level. In the younger generations, the need to fit in and be considered cool makes their demographic particularly susceptible to an underlying idea or agenda. Good art, skillfully employed, can reduce a complex concept to a simple image that is easily understood and successfully promotes a particular concept or belief. Depending on the subtlety or brazenness of the image, the viewer may not even realize they are looking at anything more complicated than a cool graphic. Subtle works of art are often more successful because the message they are promoting goes unnoticed on a conscious level. In this way, ideas are perceived as truth without questioning motives, availability of facts, or opposing points of view. The success of this type of propaganda is increased by repetition which serves to reinforce the formation of the desired opinion. I am going to focus entirely on the cultural and political aspects of propaganda, particularly on the influence it has on the way people think and act. I believe the influence of ideas and philosophy has the most lasting and significant impact on our culture. Art is, quite possibly, the most affective tool for the dissemination of ideas.
When used by the individual artist, these expressions of philosophy and opinion fall firmly within the realm of free speech. When sponsored by the government, they become manipulative propaganda. Regardless of the intended use of the art in question, the intended outcome of its use, or the projected benefit, it is not an appropriate endeavor for government. There is too much room for abuse and factual inaccuracy or manipulation and insufficient objective scrutiny to maintain unbiased representation. More importantly, government funding of the arts is an inappropriate use of tax money, regardless of its intended use.

How has Art Been Used for Propaganda Purposes?

Prior to WWII, the word propaganda did not necessarily have negative connotations. With the enactment of Joseph Goebbels’ campaign of mass influence and indoctrination, the term became synonymous with State sponsored art. The Nazis used propaganda in many forms, but their use of posters may have had the most lasting effect on the German population. By creating iconographic imagery, easily understood, posted repeatedly in public places, the population of Germany was led to believe things that were often outright lies. This success has led to the subsequent proliferation of political art through modern times.
The reason propaganda came to be viewed as dishonest after WWII, is the way in which it was used by Goebbels. His principles for the use of propaganda advocated the manipulation and censorship of facts. He set very strict terms regarding creation and dissemination of propaganda, and actively limited the kind of information available for release to the public. According to these principles, repetition is vital to the success of a propaganda campaign. Propaganda was to be used to maintain a level of anxiety in the general population in order to make them more amenable to government influence. It appears as though our own government has learned a few things in this regard.
So, how does art come into play? Obviously, the use of graphics requires creative talent. Artists, being some of the more emotional members of society, might very well have a better understanding of how to manipulate others. A well placed graphic, the right splash of color or use of contrast, severe cropping or juxtaposition of opposing objects will easily lead the viewer to form a desired opinion. Some will agree because they already possess the same view, with the added bonus of feeling like part of something larger than themselves. Some will be swayed because they were on the fence about the issue, but now feel like an insider because they are clever enough to ‘get it’. Some will dismiss it as crap because they disagree. Others will be offended because they not only disagree, but see the potential for manipulation of those who don’t have all the facts and will readily accept what they perceive to be popular opinion.
In our current political climate, artists have found their voice and a market for works depicting their own political views. As an individual expression, this is a powerful tool for political activism. Whether or not you agree with the artist, you should be able to respect their right to free speech. When sponsored knowingly and, worse, encouraged by the NEA, it is comparable to the actions of Goebbels. There is no instance where it is appropriate for the government to fund art, particularly that which promotes a specific agenda. When the government or a tax funded agency in their employ embarks on a propaganda campaign, they seldom give voice to the opposition.
As artists, I believe we have a duty and responsibility to put forth an opposing points of view. We need to combat lies and misrepresentations with verifiable facts and expose the treachery of blindly following ‘approved’ ideas and agendas. Because the State has been engaged in this campaign for generations, with the willing participation of their supporters, it is time that those of us who still hold the individual supreme stand up and make our voices heard. We now face a turning point in the history of America, where we can succumb to the whims of the State and willingly accept bondage, or lead the way to a Liberty Revolution with the purpose of restoring America to a Constitutional Republic. Mrs. Pelosi says “Are you serious?”; I say Yes Ma’am, I Am.
As Conservatives, what should we be promoting through our art? Self-reliance, personal responsibility, a return to the principles of individual liberty and limited government. Freedom over tyranny. The challenge will be to create a successful propaganda campaign without compromising our principles to emotional reactions and misrepresentation of facts. We need to play the game as they say, but on our own terms. We must always remain honest and present all of the facts. We must define our principles clearly, then promote them effectively and repeatedly in ways that are quickly and easily understood. This is one of the reasons I am so concerned with getting more artists on board with the Liberatchik project. We have the ability to make a lasting and significant impact in this war of ideas, but our strength will be in our numbers.
Art, regardless of genre, has the ability to reduce complex concepts to easily grasped ideas, raise people and ideas to the status of icons, reach wide audiences through a variety of means; often with the added bonus of creating a spirit of belonging and the perception of empowerment. It is my goal, through my personal art and my efforts here at Liberatchik to promote the ideas of Liberty and individual integrity. I believe that America is a great country and patriotism is not a stigma. There is nothing selfish in taking pride in one’s accomplishments. I hope that America will one day return to a truly free nation, because it has not been so in my lifetime. I want to leave it better than I found it. My art is my tool for shaping that

Conservative Principles of Propaganda

I have already laid out the reasons why Conservatives need to engage in an active campaign to influence American culture. I have given the historical significance and impact of propaganda on the population at large, as well as the ways in which Liberals have subverted our culture and marginalized any opposition within the art and entertainment industries. Finally, I have given examples of the ways in which they have succeeded and the reasons for their success. Now, I am giving you the ammunition to fight back.
The following points are written from the perspective of a painter. However, they can be adapted to work for any genre of art. Musicians would apply the techniques to their lyrics, poets to their verse, filmmakers to their sets and imagery, etc…
1. a. Above all else – be honest
b. Back up your assertions with facts – always
2. Build up a positive message as well as shedding light on the tactics of the opposition. People need something positive to encourage them to stay the course, and constant complaining does nothing to change the situation
3. Create Iconography
a. Reduce complex ideas and philosophy to symbols
b. Make imagery memorable
c. Simplify icons for easy reproduction by everyone – they should be reduced to designs that anyone     can copy regardless of skill level and talent, while maintaining the integrity of the image
4. Recruit and Network
a. Use grassroots activism techniques to spread the message and promote your iconography – Anystreet is a good source of tactical information for activism and networking.
b. Involve as many like-minded people as possible, but don’t be pushy. If you approach someone who is not interested, respect their right to disagree.
c. Teach others how to reproduce the icons and use them effectively – this is also a great opportunity for networking and building our own art community.
5. Try to foresee ways in which the opposition will use propaganda techniques to discredit and marginalize our message – be proactive rather than reactive.
6. Do not engage in name calling, emotional exchanges or campaigns in which facts are ignored to boost the effectiveness of your message. This only gives ammo to our detractors.
7. Use verifiable statistics, correct representations of numbers and demographics, and concrete facts to improve general understanding of your message. Many people simply have no idea what we mean by promoting Liberty.
8. a. Repeat themes often, but not to the point over-saturation
b. Use subliminally influential methods to promote ideas through iconography, such as merchandising (posters, t-shirts, etc.)
Our main focus is the promotion of the following philosophy:
*Individuality and Liberty promote a more fair system than collectivism
*Individual judgment and reason is more productive than collective regulation
*We must revoke our sanction of a system that intends to destroy our Liberty and Individuality
Now get out there and raise some hell!
Additional sources of information and articles:

Goebbels’ Principles of Propaganda

The Art of Propaganda

Some of the links provided inspiration for portions of this essay, others are direct sources of historic and philosophical references.

Being a propagandist is not difficult!
You are only limited by your dedication and perseverance.
Feel free to reprint and distribute this page!


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