Artists Don’t Seem to Care About Freedom of Speech

Several weeks ago, I was sent an email by a friend Jimmy in California concerning the disappearance of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. There is very little information from China on the artist’s dissappearance or the reason why he is apparently being held by the Chinese government. In the weeks since Ai was spirited away, several […]

Where is the Outrage from the Art Community?

Where is the Outrage from the Art Community? Frances Byrd April 18, 2011 Conservative Action courrielche investigating how the world works A weekend of protests for incarcerated artist and ‘citizen investigator’ Ai Weiwei This weekend was marked by a few protests for jailed Chinese artist and ‘citizen investigator’ Ai Weiwei. Jimmy Arone’s peaceful protest at […]

Follow up on Ai WeiWei Post

courrielche investigating how the world works Mr. Trump – Your Argument Against China Just Got Stronger By: Patrick Courrielche NOTE: Also published at Big Government. On April 3rd, Chinese artist and citizen investigator Ai Weiwei was taken into custody by his government while attempting to fly from Beijing to Hong Kong. Initially, Chinese law enforcement […]

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

…Perhaps we are not so far from learning what true oppression is like after all. I didn’t realize the Constitution was just a bunch of ideas to be dispensed with at some politician’s convenience.

The Modern Little Red Hen

This is from one of the radio addresses that Ronald Reagan wrote prior to his presidency. It is an interesting economic parable that still applies to our society. I came across it recently because I am reading Reagan in His own Hand. The Modern little Red Hen Once upon a time there was a little […]

A Farewell to Alms

By Stan Transue Confusion does reign in Liberals’ brains It makes them defenseless and weak Whenever I deign to try to explain They rebuff the wisdom they seek They’re led by emotion, envy and greed To sanction their brutal desires The warnings of prudence they never heed While stoking the class-envy fires They claim that […]

Where is John Galt? #1

For those of you familiar with Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged, you will know what I’m talking about. For the rest of you; for God’s sake, read the book. I’m happy to say sales have skyrocketed lately, so the kid at the local bookstore chain might actually know what you’re asking for. This book made […]

The Ayn Rand quotes, continued…

…very little has been said about actual life under communism, about living beings, not slogans and theories. Theories against practice…I don’t give a damn about theories. I do give a good deal about human beings……the individual against the collective. That problem interests me above all others in my writing…The plot of my novel is entirely […]

Did Ayn Rand have a premonition of Obama?

Some of these quotes are amazingly eerie, in their description of characters resembling Obama. Although he claims to be the agent of ‘Change’, he is quite the personification of socialist dogma. He is Elsworth Toohey in his arrogance and quest for power, and Peter Keating in his whinyFor those of you who are new to […]

Ayn Rand quotes for Muchacho

Muchacho Enfermo requested more Ayn Rand quotes and I am happy to comply. Because I am a huge fan of her writings, I have decided to do a series of paintings based on them. These quotes are from: Journals of Ayn Rand, edited by David Harriman with a Foreward by Leonard Peikoff. I will not […]