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Editorial Cartoonist Portrays Ted Cruz as a Clown

Using Art to Push an Agenda 101

While clipping news articles for some upcoming mixed media projects, I came across this cartoon:


You and I may find it absurd; but we are not the target audience.

This cartoon is from the Athens Banner Herald in Georgia (hometown to the University of Georgia). As one might guess, Athens is your average college town; primarily liberal in mindset. Athens is also closely surrounded by a smattering of small suburbs and low-income areas before reverting to its rural/agrarian heritage, where people think of Athens in terms of football and ag programs – and little else.

Ironically, it is know-it-all college kids on their high horses of progressive indoctrination who will be among those most surprised, and directly effected, by the gargantuan health care law’s implementation. The average estimate projects that young Americans will see a 260% increase in premiums under the ACA, even though those same young Americans voted for democrats and a president, in part, to push this law through on the rest of us.

To be fair, some of the low-income voters and farmers in the area may have thought the bill a good idea as well, before it was passed so they could see what was in it. Perhaps they were under the impression that some evil rich guy would be paying for their healthcare henceforth and all their worries would come to an end. What a nasty surprise all of these unintended consequences must be for them.

So, why then, do we have a local paper bothering to print a cartoon ridiculing Cruz for his opposition to the ACA? If the Herald is preaching to the choir, what’s the point?

The point is, many in the choir have changed their tune, and their song has become discordant. Some people, who were perfectly happy to ignore the consequences for the rest of us as long as they thought they would be exempt, have woken up. Unfortunately for them, they have awakened to the reality of government mandated healthcare.


Rules for Radicals, or Those Merely Pretending to Be


So, amidst all of the policy debates and emotional bickering, what is the significance of one cartoon? We must defer to the wisdom(evil) of Saul Alinsky for understanding on these points.


First, it is designed to ridicule a Senator for doing his job: defending the constitution, as well as, the rights and concerns of his constituents. As I have explained in several previous articles, progressives use derision and character assassination to destroy the credibility of their opposition. True or not, fair or not, this tactic works. Once you consider a Senator a clown, are you really going to listen to anything he has to say?


For Progressives, and some GOP establishment cronies, it is enough to call Cruz a clown and consider the discussion over. That’s fine if you’re exempt from the law you passed in the first place; but what about the rest of us? For those of us who are not receiving exemptions or subsidies, the ACA is a question of constitutionality and economic impact… whatever the Supreme Court may say to the contrary. (For a more lengthy explanation of these points, I refer you to the Federalist Papers and Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments).


Secondly, this cartoon is a perfect example of how progressives use culture, however insignificant, to push their agendas. You may pass a mere cartoon off as inconsequential if you even notice it at all. You may not consider it art and wonder the point I am making.

A cartoon may not be fine art, but it does have cultural significance – even more so based on its ability to reach a broader range of viewers through mass publication. Is it likely to change the minds of people like me who support Cruz? No. But it may plant a seed of doubt in the minds of people on the fence about the law. It will certainly bolster the resolve of the law’s supporters, justifying their subsequent reactions to and treatment of those in opposition.


Did you notice the Freudian slip and the irony contained within this cartoon? Uncle Sam is ill, but his cure won’t come from big government intrusion in the lives of its citizens. Besides, he’s old. It’s likely he’s not eligible for anything beyond end of life counseling and painkillers – while there’s still funding for such things.


Where’s the Conservative Alternative?

While some members of congress and the conservative media are taking a stand, where is the conservative art community on this issue? You wouldn’t know outside of Ramirez’s and Branco’scartoons because very few are giving a cultural approach a second thought on our side. Nobody with any mass influence, anyway. (That’s a subject for a future article of some length.)

Once again, our side is turning its back on one of the most influential and readily available means to effect policy debate in America. The results for our future are both disastrous and predictable.

Frances Byrd is the National Director of, and a contributing writer at Western Free Press and BlogBytes. Her articles have also been published at Big Hollywood . Mrs. Byrd’s conceptual art and writing can be viewed at MachinePolitick.

The Liberty Amendments, A Summary






Rather than inject personal opinion or support for the proposals outlined in Mr. Levin’s book, I offer a summary of its contents in the hope that you will read it and come to your own conclusions. I hope, very much, that you will then be compelled to take some form of action, for to do nothing at this point in our history, would be sheer folly.

Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments, a Review

An Amendment to Establish Term Limits for Congress

…quotes Madison, from Federalist #48, “An elective despotism was not the government we fought for… but [one] in which the powers be so divided and balanced among several bodies of magistracy, as that no one could transcend their legal limits, without being effectually checked and restrained by the others.

In its original formation, the US congress was split into two very distinct houses, which were intended as checks on one another as well as on the executive branch. Today, congress works together to maintain power rather than fulfilling their duties as representatives of the American people and do little or nothing to obstruct the machinations of an over-reaching executive.

The Senate, originally elected by the state legislatures, was intended to prevent the federal government encroaching on the rights of the states. The House of Representatives, conversely, was meant to directly represent the rights and concerns of the people. Neither was intended to be a lifelong appointment, with relatively high pay and benefits or exemptions above those available to the people they represented. Their offices were intended, rather, as a civic duty to their nation and their fellow man.

The negative impact of our modern, insider culture, is most apparent in the many and convoluted ways in which the congress shuts out all but the most persistent and popular of new-comers to the Capitol. To be fair, and this is discussed in the book as well, this culture is rampant at the state and local levels as well. The incumbents, regardless of party affiliation, work together to keep challengers to their virtual thrones at bay. Term limits would return the power of self-governance to the people by limiting the power of politicians and the incentive to focus on their own gains at the expense of their constituency.

The consent of the governed is the hallmark of a constitutional government.


An Amendment to Restore the Senate

As discussed briefly in the previous section, it is imperative that we repeal the 17th Amendment which allows for the popular election of senators. After generations of progressive efforts to re-define the governmental and societal structure of America, it has become commonplace for the people to refer to our nation as a democracy. In short, democracy is mob rule, and is in no way better than a dictatorship. Our government was set up with checks and balances in an effort to curtail all forms of tyranny, including that of the many over the few. The Reign of Terror is an historical example of the ‘unintended’ outcome of democratic governance that Americans would do well to investigate more closely.

Critics of a republican form of government will disingenuously equate it’s nature to the current manifestation of the Republican party, knowing full well that the term means something else entirely. The terms republic, republican, democracy, and democratic, as used here have vastly different meanings that are no longer common knowledge.

In addition to restoring the Senate to its intended status as a representative of the individual state governments, Levin’s proposed amendment allows the state legislatures to remove a senator by two thirds vote if they fail to uphold their duties as a representative of that state. This allows for a more direct balance of power between the state and federal governments and provides an additional curtail to the power and encroachment of the federal government.


An Amendment to Establish Term Limits for the Supreme Court Justices and Super-Majority Legislative Override

This chapter sets forth the argument for establishing term limits on the Supreme Court. It also allows, in a similar way, for the over-ruling by congress of Supreme Court rulings that deviate into activism and judicial revisionism rather than adherence to the rule of law.

Because the Supreme Court has repeatedly shown an inclination toward societal restructuring and constitutional relativism, this amendment is among the most important proposed in the book. It allows for congress and the state legislatures to maintain checks and balances on the Court, thus curtailing future abuses of power.

The proposal of term limits for the Court, likewise puts checks on the accumulation of power and ability of the justices to legislate through judicial fiat. By indicating the inability of the President to veto a judicial override by the states and/or congress, this amendment eliminates the unhealthy relationship that has developed between the Judicial and Executive branches of our government.


Two Amendments to Limit Federal Spending and Taxing

This chapter is relatively straightforward and requires little explanation. It offers additional restrictions on the power of the federal government as well as solutions to the ills created by the current system of redistribution and subsidy that create the over-grown power structure in DC.

In short, this amendment demands that the federal government set a budget and live within its means. Rather than granting the government the power to declare a single industry too big to fail or to create incentives to favoritism, it scales back the system of lobbying for congressional favor.

Limiting the government’s ability to tax is a crucial step in this process. Whether one agrees with Mr. Levin’s proposal to cap income tax or prefers a national sales tax, it cannot be argued that nothing should be done in this regard. Conversely, the populist rhetoric of soaking the rich has been proven historically as false and detrimental to society as a whole – however much the progressive establishment may disagree.

Finally, rescheduling the deadline for filing income taxes to correspond with federal elections is a good solution to the myopic nature of the American voter. It is less likely that the antics of our celebrity culture or political distractions promoted by the media would obscure from the people who is directly responsible for their personal tax burden if elections directly followed the filing of taxes.


An Amendment to Limit the Federal Bureaucracy

This chapter sets limits on the establishment and longevity of federal departments and appointments, regulations, economic impact of said regulations and length of time allowed for actions setting such limits. It reminds us that the separation of powers doctrine contained with in the Constitution, not only sets limits on the power entrusted in each branch of the government, but also prevents any of those branches from delegating their powers to one another or to agencies or departments not elected directly by the people. This is particularly important in light of the modern expansion of cabinet appointments, government agencies and executive orders issued at the expense of the people without any method of recourse; including, but not limited to the passage of laws that members of government and select groups are themselves exempted from. This degradation of our Constitution illustrates …the necessity and urgency of restoring constitutional republicanism and preserving the civil society from the governing authoritarianism of a federal Leviathan…


An Amendment to Promote Free Enterprise

This Amendment clarifies the original intent behind the Commerce Clause, which has been repeatedly abused by the Legislative and Judicial branches of the government. In addition, it sets clear boundaries for its use and returns the majority of power to the states for defining commerce and regulating any issues that may arise on this subject.

With the Commerce Clause, more than any other, we have seen the greatest erosion of the Constitution through judicial activism and legislative abuses. In short, our own government has made a concerted effort to rewrite the Constitution for their own gain; thus proving the need for the Constitution, Bill of Rights and separation of powers outlined in our nation’s founding.

When the government can go so far as to penalize people for not spending money, under the guise of protecting the common good, we are well down the road to socialism. In other words, the nation has entered into an age of post-constitutional soft tyranny. In closing the chapter, Mr. Levin provides us this quote from Milton Friedman: “Freedom in economic arrangements is itself a component of freedom broadly understood, so economic freedom is an end in itself… Economic freedom is also an indispensable means toward the achievement of political freedom.”


An Amendment to Protect Private Property

This amendment more clearly defines individual property rights and sets clear restrictions on government infringement on those rights. In addition, it defines just compensation in the event that clearly defined public need necessitates transfer of property from an individual to the government. The chapter goes on to define the social compact of a civil society and warn against the evils of redistribution of wealth from one citizen to another by dictate or by direct seizure of property by the government.


An Amendment to Grant the States Authority to Directly Amend the Constitution

This amendment returns state sovereignty to the forefront of our governing process and allows for the states to roll back and prevent further expansion of the federal government. It defends the individual’s rights, allows for the maintenance of a stable and just form of government that protects the rights of all of its citizens, thus preserving society as a whole.


An Amendment to Grant the States Authority to Check Congress

This amendment allows the states to reign in the Congress’ power to grant favors and punish through regulation. In addition, it gives the states the power to end the habit of Congress to legislate social justice, punishing or rewarding certain groups at whim and against the wishes of the American people.

Through clearly defined procedure, this amendment sets forth rules for true transparency in government by establishing open posting of bills for public review in advance of congressional voting to establish new laws. No changes to the bill would be allowed between the time of posting and the final vote, increasing accountability and honesty in our legislative branch. In addition, this amendment sets forth guidelines for state overrule of laws, federal statutes and executive orders with clearly defined procedures and limitations on state, as well as federal power.


An Amendment to Protect the Vote

Simply put, this amendment requires proof of citizenship to vote. In addition, it makes provisions for those unable to afford the cost of acquiring the required documentation and puts strict limits on early voting procedures. These measures do nothing more or less than take measures to insure the sanctity and validity of every vote cast.

There is no point wasting time debating the probable success or failure of the measures defined in the Liberty Amendments. One cannot accomplish a task if one does not start it. There is no point bemoaning the likely difficulty of the task – we are past that. If we seek to restore our nation to its founding principles as a constitutional republic we must stop complaining and offer solutions. As Mr. Levin so succinctly illustrates in the naming of his final chapter, now is The Time for Action.

This review may be criticized as lacking any meaningful criticism or in-depth examination of the book – so be it. I did not write to tout my own historical knowledge or inject my personal opinion on the author’s personal motivations; as some critics may do. I wrote to highlight the importance of the call to action which it contains and the solutions offered to restore our republic. My review is so heavily footnoted, because this book speaks well enough of itself, in its succinctness and historic notation of the ills of the progressive usurpation of American law and governance.

In a world of media enamored of its own self-importance, it is time to focus on the real issues that affect our lives. It is time to offer solutions, not platitudes and petulant complaints. It is time to take action.

*All direct quotes from the book are indicated by italics*

Frances Byrd is the National Director of, and a contributing writer at Western Free Press and BlogBytes. Her articles have also been published atBig Hollywood . Mrs. Byrd’s conceptual art and writing can be viewed at MachinePolitick.



Solution to Public Funding #1: Private Patronage

A discussion about getting the government out of the business of funding the arts is only half of the issue. There needs to be an honest and civil discussion about alternative funding solutions. As conservatives and libertarians, we should be able to grasp this concept fairly easily. Here is a short list of the issues I often run up against in the discussion of funding art and suggestions for solutions.


Patronage is not Welfare.

Because the creative elite have pushed for a liberal slant in the arts for so long, and so many artists have gotten by on a hand-out from the NEA rather than market based factors, conservatives have come to equate any discussion of art funding with welfare. One can hardly blame them when it is obvious that many of the artists receiving grants produce work that cannot stand on its own merits.

It is time to discuss private patronage. If you want to control the direction our culture takes, seek out and purchase work by artists and entertainers you like or who share your ideology. Take direct action and become part of the solution rather than wasting time complaining about the problem.

Changing the system from within does not seem possible. Building an opposing program with the expected out-lash from the establishment won’t be easy. Therefore, we must immediately build patronage for the art we want. Sharing work you find appealing is crucial to building support for cultural change.


Boycotts and Buycotts work .

Boycotts are not about running someone out of business. They are the means to achieve a social end. Boycotts make a public statement about a particular issue and rally people who share your views behind a cause. Instead of complaining about the liberal artists who offend you, ignore them. The worst thing you can do is post images and links to their work as an example of what is wrong with our culture. This just sends people off to their web pages and directs traffic away from artists on our side who need our support. It is a wasted effort, because it directs attention away from good art and entertainment .

Buycotts are also a successful means to achieve social ends. Look at the media publicity and boost in sales at Chik-fil-A as an example. There is no reason why we cannot translate this sort of publicity and cooperation into a support structure for conservative culture. There is no better way to fight the liberal bias in art and entertainment than to promote conservative alternatives.


Support networks among artists and patrons are key.

This does not have to be an organized or established effort, though pooling our resources will make this effort more successful. Seek out, support and share information and links between artists and potential patrons. There are many conservative and classically trained and oriented art groups out there. Liberatchik and Big Dawg Music Mafia are the ones I have connections with, but I also encourage you to seek out others.



Understanding the bigger picture.

Though there need to be free market, incentive-based solutions to building and promoting a cultural scene worthy of patronage, we must also accept the need to work outside the current system to support, not just conservative artists, but good classically-trained artists.


We need to understand that the NEA is not a purely economic crutch for artists. It is also the pinnacle of an elitist and exclusionary culture that determines what kind of art the public is exposed to. We must develop networks to showcase and promote art that is good as well as art by known conservative artists. This is not a rallying cry to steer the arts in the opposite extreme where liberals are excluded on principle.

Yes, I say seek out ad promote conservative artists, but not to the exclusion of good art. The ideology is only half the message. There also needs to be a return to quality aesthetics and merit-based criteria when discussing art. A good ole boys’ club of conservative ideology at the expense of the quality of the art is not the solution.


In summary, take action, take control and become part of the solution.

Where is John Galt ? #1Frances Byrd is the National Director of, and a contributing writer at Big Hollywood and BlogBytes. Her art and writing can also be viewed at MachinePolitick.

Let Them Eat Cake! Part One

This is one of the most recent paintings I have completed in the OWS series I am working on. I will write a full article as soon as I complete my research on the historic background of the phrase “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!”

November 12, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!
Let Them Eat Cake!

Let Them Eat Cake: Part One

This painting was created in order to explore the hypocrisy and double standard in the Liberal community when dealing with the subjects of wealth and status in American society. Liberals would have you believe several false precepts in order to turn you against conservatives and wealthy individuals – things that are not mutually exclusive, as they would also have you believe.

1. Those who are wealthy, got that way by stealing from or taking advantage of someone else.

2. There is a finite quantity of resources, a pie if you will, and the rich are keeping most of it from you. The conservatives help them do this through favor.

3. America is an empire with a caste system, much like an aristocracy, with very little upward mobility. That which is available is granted to friends and family.

4. Wealth is not earned, but rather taken from one group and given to another.

Anyone with a basic understanding of economics can see these falsehoods for what they are; but what about the uninformed voter. As we learned in the recent election, the entitlement mentality, wealth envy and general ignorance of the American people outweighs rational thought.

While I was working on this painting, I came across a CNN iReport called,

A Tale of Two Cities- GOP says, “Let Them Eat Cake” written in December 2010. Aside from the fact that it was poorly written, it gives some insight into the perspective of the people we are dealing with. You have to understand the way propaganda works and the amount of time that it takes to do so to fully grasp how someone could assert the following idea: “While he did reduce government expenditures, opponents in the parliaments successfully thwarted his attempts at enacting much needed reforms. (Obama and the GOP)”.

In the context of the article, this is a clumsy comparison of Obama to Louis XVI, while also asserting that he has cut spending and struggled with unreasonable opposition and defeat of the programs he has tried to institute on behalf of the downtrodden. It is a perfect illustration of the way the Liberal elite twist history and facts to suit their agenda and influence the American public. You can learn more about this issue and some ideas I have for conservatives in The Creative Conservative Action Tools, written by myself and Christopher Cook of Western Free Press.

Because Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities was sited in the article, I decided to grab a copy and read it. Much like the phrase “Let Them Eat Cake”, which has been falsely attributed to Marie Antoinette, I was surprised to find that the book was not a story of the rampant evils of the aristocracy, although they certainly did exist and were represented fairly in the story. It also painted a picture of the ‘revolution’, it’s any-means-necessary and the ends-justify-the-means mindset. One could almost pretend it were a B-rated snuff film with limbs and blood flying indiscriminately if it were not for the historic accounts to back it up as having been horrifically real. The Reign of Terror falls short as a description for the atrocities committed under the pretense of “Liberte`, Egalite`, Fraternite`!” It is quite telling of the CNN author’s mindset that he would assert in his article the idea: “The French Revolution was a dark time in France’s History. That time gave way to increased freedom and more equitable distribution of the country’s prosperity.” I encourage you to read up on the history of the French Revolution if it is unfamiliar to you – we are on much the same path.

Frances Byrd is the National Director of She is also a conservative political artist and blogger. Her art can be viewed at

Is The American Dream a Farce? by Mark Taylor


For Immediate Release:

New Book Questions “Is the American Dream a Farce?”

Savannah, GA – September 26, 2012

Cover illustration provided by Frances Byrd.

Concerned about the negative impact of our nation’s $16 trillion national debt, runaway government spending and governmental overreach into our private lives, eighteen-year-old Mark Taylor has written a book called Is the American Dream a Farce? published by 5th Corner Publishing. Frances Byrd’s painting “The Hand of Liberty” is featured on the book’s cover.

When asked what motivated him to spend his summer writing a political activism book, Taylor replied: “My book exposes the farce of big government. The skyrocketing $16 trillion national debt will certainly affect my generation. In fact, the detrimental effects of our government’s policies can already be seen in high college tuition rates and dismal youth employment statistics. The time has come for the next generation of Americans to voice our concerns and require elected officials to enact common sense solutions to the economic challenges facing America.”

Taylor continued: “What we need is a back-to-the-future approach—meaning solutions to our nation’s problems can be found by studying the Founding Era. We can learn a lot from the Founding Fathers’ accomplishments. The Founders certainly did not get everything right, but they provided us with an extraordinary plan for constitutionally-limited government, free-market economics, and strong national defense, which allowed Americans to enjoy more freedom and prosperity than any nation in the history of the world. We can maintain American exceptionalism; we just need to follow our owner’s manual for freedom—the United States Constitution. I believe Young Americans of the 21st century will either go down in history as the generation who sat back and idly watched the American dream dissolve, or as the initiators of change who took action and saved our republic from ruin. Young Americans are not just the future; we are the now. It will take all of our efforts to save the American dream.”

Taylor is no stranger to grassroots activism. In 2010, Taylor was selected as one of 72 youth nationwide to attend Young America’s Foundation High School Leadership Conference in Santa Barbara, California where he learned about the political and economic philosophies of President Ronald Reagan. Taylor is a graduate of Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School and a TeenPact alumni. Taylor completed a Constitutional Law course at Patrick Henry College in the summer of 2011. Currently, he is a student at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia.

Is the American Dream a Farce? by Mark Taylor is available in electronic and print formats from major online booksellers. To contact Mark Taylor, email Visit his website at: or check out his author page at:

Mark Taylor, author
Mark Taylor, author

This book is available on Amazon in print and for Kindle.

Mark Taylor is a young activist concerned about the future of America. His first book discussing American politics is now available on Amazon.

Debt Bondage, the US Congress, and a Show-Cause Order

This illustration was commissioned by David Leeper of Western Free Press. You can see the article for which it was illustrated at this link.

It has also bee published at the Tea Party Tribune.


Frances Byrd is the National Director of, a conservative political artist and blogger. Her art can be viewed at

Atlas Shrugged in 2011?

I received the following article in an email from a close friend today. It is telling and frightening at the same time. I recently reread the book in preparation for a series of paintings paralleling current events and those in the novel.

Ayn Rand Was Right:
Wealthy Are on Strike Against Obama by Wayne Allyn Root

The U.S. economy is crumbling. Businesses are collapsing in record
numbers. Jobs have disappeared. Tax revenues are down dramatically.

Everything happening today under Obama resembles the storyline of Ayn
Rand’s famous book, Atlas Shrugged, one of the most popular books of all
time, selling over 7 million copies. Now, under President Obama, Atlas
Shrugged has come to life. Rand prophesized a country dominated by
socialists, Marxists and statists, where looters, free loaders and
poverty promoters live off the productive class. To rationalize the
fleecing of innovative business owners and job creators, the looter class
demonized the wealthy, just as Obama and his socialist cabal are doing in
real life today.

The central plot of Atlas Shrugged is that in response to being
demonized, over-taxed, over-regulated, and punished for success,
America’s business owners were disappearing — dropping off the grid, and
refusing to work 16-hour days to support those unwilling to put in the
same blood, sweat and tears. They were going on strike. Because of that
the original proposed title of “Atlas Shrugged” was “The Strike.”

They were going on strike to teach that civilization cannot survive when
people are slaves to government. That without a productive class of
innovative business owners willing to risk their own money and work
16-hour days, weekends and holidays, there are no jobs and no taxes to
pay for government. If you punish the wealthy, the risk-takers, the
innovators, you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. In Obama’s
America, fiction is becoming fact.

The lesson of Atlas Shrugged is that without the $100,000+ earners paying
into Social Security, there are no pensions for the poor and lower middle
class. Without the wealthy owners of million-dollar mansions paying
$25,000 and $50,000 annual property tax bills, there is no funding for
public schools. Without the wealthy paying into Medicare, there is no
“free” healthcare for the elderly. Without capitalists motivated by
profit, there are no discoveries to eradicate polio or create miraculous
cancer and AIDS drugs. Without capitalists motivated by profit, there are
no jobs, period! That is what happens when the producers of society go on
strike to protect themselves from the looters.

Ayn Rand was warning the looters that there are consequences to their
overzealous actions. She was warning that if the productive classes felt
used, demonized, ripped off, and taken for granted, they would go on
strike — stop working, retire early, go underground, or move to places
where achievement is celebrated and they feel appreciated.

The latest U.S. Census proves Ayn Rand right. Under Obama the wealthy are
striking, voting with their feet. They are moving to low-tax red states
in droves, escaping from high-tax blue states where they are being
demonized and punished by the millions.

The Census proves that Obama’s tax and spend philosophy is a dismal
failure, an economic disaster killing jobs. It is no coincidence that 1.9
million FEWER Americans are working than before Obama’s stimulus. It is
no coincidence that jobs are not returning to the private sector. It is
no coincidence that tax revenues have dropped dramatically and cannot
support Obama’s bloated Big Brother government. The innovators,
risk-takers, and wealthy he demonized and punished are on strike.

The high tech revolution has killed the progressive-liberal tax-and-spend
dream. Because of the Internet, email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype,
Satellite TV, I-phones, I-pads, and cell phones, business owners are no
longer prisoners of Big Brother. Take a look at states where the latest
Census shows Americans moved during the past decade: Nevada, Texas,
Arizona, Florida, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, North Carolina, South
Carolina, Georgia, Alaska, Virginia — all low- or no-tax red states,
states that lead the USA in economic freedom.

Now look at states they escaped from: New York, New Jersey, California,
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan. Taxpayers,
business owners, jobs creators, retirees with assets are fleeing the high
tax, big spending, Big Brother states — the states being run like Obama
is running the nation.

Progressives be afraid, be very afraid. If Obama is re-elected, these
valuable producers will pick up and leave America altogether. There is a
big world out there begging them to come. Places like Hong Kong,
Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Monte Carlo, Belize, Costa Rica,
Panama, Bahamas, and Cayman Islands are low-tax havens that appreciate
business owners and their sacrifices. They welcome wealthy ex-patriots.
They celebrate individual achievement. They reward instead of punish
business owners and financial risk-takers. They are wonderful places to
live and are aggressively pursuing Americans.

I am just one small businessman, a third-party Libertarian political
leader. Yet I personally have heard from thousands of fans, friends and
supporters who have left America, are thinking of leaving America, are
visiting other countries right now to decide where to go, or making
preparations to leave in case Obama is re-elected. Just as Ayn Rand
predicted, business owners are going on strike. Permanently.

The high tech revolution has freed them to run their businesses from
anywhere in the world. The same high tech tools and toys that toppled a
powerful and invincible 30-year dictator in Egypt and now threaten to
topple powerful leaders throughout the Arab world, also offer mobility
and freedom to U.S. taxpayers. Obama better learn the lesson of Mubarek
before millions more business people decide they do not need to put up
with looters, free loaders, and politicians who despise them.

Atlas is shrugging. Ayn Rand is saying “I told you so.”

Frances Byrd is the National Director of, a conservative political artist and blogger. Her art can be viewed at

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

You really cannot blame the citizens in our entitlement culture who think that they can have their lunch and eat it too. After all, look at the example that their legislators are setting as they coast along on their own free-lunch wagon, creating whatever programs they desire, and then printing paper dollars out of thin air to back them up, with no foreseeable source of revenue in sight — and all the while ignoring the looming debt, the unsustainable deficits, the unresponsive economy, and the rising outcry of protest from the remaining minority of citizens who do understand that there is indeed no free lunch and that the coming catastrophe is going to ultimately be borne on the backs of their productivity.

It’s enough to make a grown person shrug.

Read the full article here.

CPAC Artist: William Harris

I just want to take a quick moment to thank William for a couple of things. He has been one of the earliest partners in the Liberatchik project. Over the last two years of brainstorming and planning, William has been an invaluable source of ideas and insight. Thank you William, for the ideas and support you have given, as well as for those we have set aside for the moment.

I joined the Liberatchik project, because I’d become increasingly interested in what it meant to be liberated in a free society and if this liberation had any functional connection with art. I found that, like the pursuit of happiness of each individual, my own artwork was best liberated with an appreciation of the underlying purpose that gave rise to it. Our desire and drive for stronger families, businesses and communities haven’t been created and sustained due to a spirit of chaos and randomness but by a spirit of purpose. I see this purposeful essence becoming a defining characteristic of the Liberatchik movement in the years to come.

You can view William’s work at his web page.

This article was written for Liberatchik.

CPAC 2011 Artist: Jared McAnderson

After the defeat of 2008 conservatism effectively had its back against the wall. The major reason for this is the alignment that pop culture and media has with liberalism. Not only do liberals claim a monopoly on the arts that shape our culture, they arrogantly believe conservatives are totally incapable of being their equals. I believe it is this hubris that is forcing conservatives to finally stand up and utilize the arts to promote conservatism in the same way liberals have done on their side for decades.

It was certainly what led to the creation of The Looking Spoon, a site that has served as an outlet for the three things in life, other than God and family, I am most passionate about: politics, humor, and of course art. It is the marriage of these three points of interest in my life that I hope makes it a unique destination in the vast sea of conservative blogs in the blogosphere.

The progress of conservative art has become a growing point of interest to me, because the power of art is unmatched when compared with other modes of public discourse. Its portability makes its message more accessible, repeatable, and therefore more enduring than any other medium. It also inspires the type of self-reflection needed to win hearts and minds in a way debate and argument never can.

Since starting my own journey I’ve come across creative conservatives of all stripes, and it is exciting to see how “not alone” I really am. It is my hope that conservative artists, musicians, filmmakers, and so forth will not only continue to build upon their own outlets, but begin to band together for projects like Liberatchik. Working together is the key to raising awareness so our megaphone becomes a force of nature in a culture that has been hijacked by secularists and “progressives” who attack and marginalize the Judeo-Christian values that have been the strength of the nation since its founding.

I’m proud to be part of this awakening of conservative artists.

You can view more of Jared’s work at The Looking Spoon.

This article was written for Liberatchik.

So You Want to Hang On to Those Earmarks? We’ll See About That!

This article is by a fellow blogger, C. Jeffery Small from Jeffery has recently updated and renamed his blog and can now be found at Small Thoughts for a Complex World

Earlier today the online news site, Politico, reported that Jim DeMint was marshaling Republicans to get behind a plan to restrict earmarks from future congressional legislation.

You know what we’re talking about here; things like the $300 million Louisiana Purchase, or the $100 million Cornhusker Kickback, or Chris Dodd’s $100 million “grant” for construction of an unspecified Connecticut university hospital, or the grandaddy of them all, the $60 billion Cadillac Tax for the benefit of the Unions, all of which were, at one point, included as part of the recently passed health care (i.e., Obamacare) legislation.

Of course, these follow in the proud tradition of Alaskian Ted Steven’s $230 million Bridge To Nowhere, or Virginia Foxx and Richard Burr’s $500,000 to build a Teapot Museum in Sparta, NC, or then Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill’s $14.6 billion for a 3.5 mile long Massachusetts Big Dig highway project, or $3.4 million to build a Turtle Tunnel in Florida, or $19 million to study the environmental effects of Cow Flatulence. And the list goes on, and on, and on… According to Wikipedia, in 2005, federal legislation contained an estimated 16,000 earmarks totaling roughly $48 billion, and CBS News, reports that the 2010 Federal budget alone contained 5,000 earmarks which totaled roughly $14 billion, which is on top of the 2009 stimulus allocation of $787 billion.

So, considering the mood of the country as was recently exhibited in the mid-term elections, with the voters rejecting sixty-six congressional tax-and-spend progressives and replacing them with fiscal conservative, it would seem like a no-brainer to support DeMint’s proposal to reign in the abuse of earmarks. Right? Well, that’s apparently not how many of the long-standing congressional Republicans see it.

    Politico reports: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is maneuvering behind the scenes to defeat a conservative plan aimed at restricting earmarks, setting up a high-stakes showdown that pits the GOP leader and his “Old Bull” allies against Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and a new breed of conservative senators.

    McConnell’s heightened activity signals what Senate insiders say is real fear among senior members — that the DeMint plan actually stands a serious chance of passing. And that could have uncomfortable implications for a bloc of GOP senators — like McConnell, a member of the Appropriations Committee — who annually send hundreds of millions of dollars for projects in their home states.

    Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, one of the most conservative senators and an unabashed earmarker, plans a blitz on conservative talk radio to make the case that critics have demagogued the earmark issue in order to make their political points that they’re out to reform the excesses of Congress.

    [A] number of senators who voted for the DeMint plan in March are likely “no” votes now, including McConnell, Senate Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and DeMint’s fellow South Carolina senator, Lindsey Graham.

And there you have it. RINOs at work, saying something to the voters out of one side of their mouth, while having absolutely no intention of standing up for our rights, or the principles of liberty. Politics is just a game to these bozos and they have a vested interest in the status quo which allows them to rob the citizens of 49 other states and send the bacon back home to their special interests and campaign contributors.

The election is over and it’s time for us to get back to work, continuing to communicate our expectations, and doing what we can to pressure every one of these two-faced congressional cowards to do the right thing when it comes to specific legislative actions. Here is a letter that I just sent to Mitch McConnell, James Inhofe, Lamar Alexander and Lindsey Graham:

    So You Want to Keep Your Earmarks? Dear Congressman:

    Truly unbelievable! You Republicans haven’t let the ink dry on the election when you are already jockeying to override the message that the people sent to you just one short week ago. You have learned absolutely nothing!

    So you want to hang on to your precious pork, regardless of the harm that this fiasco has inflicted upon the country by inflating the budget year after year with hidden perks for favored members of Congress, and paying off special interests — or those who have made campaign contributions — by concealing these thefts of taxpayer dollars from open scrutiny, honest debate and a public justification.

    WAKE UP! The citizens of this country have had enough of this political corruption, and we are not going to allow you to get away with it any longer. We are through with all of you — both Republican and Democrat — treating us as though we were simply a natural resource to be mined for whatever purpose strikes your fancy. We are finished with letting you push us around. The jig is up.

    The American people have sent you a clear message demanding that, as our representatives, you restore our individual rights by removing onerous regulations and legislation that interfere with our freely being able to pursue our own definition of personal happiness. On that front, you can start with the repeal of Obamacare. We also want you to balance the budget and start whittling away at the national debt, not by increasing taxes, but by drastically cutting government programs and expenditures. To perform the job delegated to you by the Constitution, you will have no need for a single pork-barrel project.

    If you continue to oppose measures to eliminate earmarks and other governmental reforms, and instead support business-as-usual, then you are painting a big red bull’s-eye on your head, and we will be gunning for you and your like-minded associated in the next, and the next, and the next election, until you have all been sent out to pasture, and replaced with those who understand the proper role of government and are prepared to stand up and defend the principles upon which this country was founded.

    It’s time to choose your side, for we are engaged in a revolutionary war to take back our rights to life, liberty and property from those who wish to rule as our masters. Are you with us or against us? Please write back and let me know where you stand.


    C. Jeffery Small

    P.S. We are not the idiots you take us for — and we have long memories. I’m watching.

I would encourage each of you reading this to jot down your own thoughts on the issue and send them to any member of Congress needing a little help in understanding what it means to be a proper representative of we the people! You can use the Congress Merge site to obtain the contact information for any Senator or Representative. Thanks for continuing to do your part in the battle to restore Liberty.

Follow Through by Cole Hunter

I have always been a proud American. Now for the first time in my adult life, I have really seen and understood the true beauty of the American political system in action.  Our country is not perfect.  Some say it is broken.  Yet this nation is far from dead and it is now beginning to heal itself.  This midterm election has proven that without question.  In 2008 Americans reached out for hope and change, blindly grabbing for a lifeline.  As a country we had lost focus, became complacent, and sought out a quick fix for deeper problems.  It didn’t take long to realize we were holding a basket of snakes, not solutions.

The supporters of the Left will deny until they are blue in the face that this was a referendum on President Obama’s political agenda.   The President himself will say that our votes were cast in fear, or anger, or because we still just don’t understand.  But we do understand.   We have had over 200 years to read our Constitution, and we understand it quite well.  It is elegant, concise, and strong.  And by the overwhelming voice of the American people, we are calling for our government to return to a similar state – elegant, concise, and strong.

At the end of this election, our nation will be at a new beginning.  This election was a vital win, but we are far from finished.  There will be more elections.  There will be more tough choices.  It is now our responsibility to follow through.  We must continue to be there so that we may be heard.

This article was written for Anystreet by Cole Hunter, our newest member of  Liberatchik