Jared McAnderson

CPAC 2011 Artist: Jared McAnderson

After the defeat of 2008 conservatism effectively had its back against the wall. The major reason for this is the alignment that pop culture and media has with liberalism. Not only do liberals claim a monopoly on the arts that shape our culture, they arrogantly believe conservatives are totally incapable of being their equals. I believe it is this hubris that is forcing conservatives to finally stand up and utilize the arts to promote conservatism in the same way liberals have done on their side for decades.

It was certainly what led to the creation of The Looking Spoon, a site that has served as an outlet for the three things in life, other than God and family, I am most passionate about: politics, humor, and of course art. It is the marriage of these three points of interest in my life that I hope makes it a unique destination in the vast sea of conservative blogs in the blogosphere.

The progress of conservative art has become a growing point of interest to me, because the power of art is unmatched when compared with other modes of public discourse. Its portability makes its message more accessible, repeatable, and therefore more enduring than any other medium. It also inspires the type of self-reflection needed to win hearts and minds in a way debate and argument never can.

Since starting my own journey I’ve come across creative conservatives of all stripes, and it is exciting to see how “not alone” I really am. It is my hope that conservative artists, musicians, filmmakers, and so forth will not only continue to build upon their own outlets, but begin to band together for projects like Liberatchik. Working together is the key to raising awareness so our megaphone becomes a force of nature in a culture that has been hijacked by secularists and “progressives” who attack and marginalize the Judeo-Christian values that have been the strength of the nation since its founding.

I’m proud to be part of this awakening of conservative artists.

You can view more of Jared’s work at The Looking Spoon.

This article was written for Liberatchik.