Who is Shepard Fairey?

This article is the first in a series exploring propaganda in general, and the work of Shepard Fairey in particular. I am going to jump right in under the assumption that most here are at least familiar with his Hope painting above, if not with his larger body of work. Because I have some clear […]

What I Learned at CPAC

Conservatives don’t get it. The culture of our country has been under assault by progressives for generations and conservatives don’t get it. There is some kind of disconnect on our side between the understanding that the arts and entertainment industries are destroying our culture and the motivation to become involved in the revitalization of artistic […]

2011 Art Papers Auction

Earlier this evening, I attended the Art Papers Auction in Atlanta. this is an annual event that raises money for one of the largest promoters of the arts in Atlanta. This is my second year attending the event, which is by invitation only. I am proud to say that my paintings have sold both years […]

CPAC 2011 Artist: Jared McAnderson

After the defeat of 2008 conservatism effectively had its back against the wall. The major reason for this is the alignment that pop culture and media has with liberalism. Not only do liberals claim a monopoly on the arts that shape our culture, they arrogantly believe conservatives are totally incapable of being their equals. I […]

An Entourage Surpassing the Queen’s

Read this foreign press item because you’ll never see it reported here in the USA! But you have already read about this in your local newspaper … oh no, you didn’t? OK then, you saw it on CNN… no?… hmmm.

Propaganda Poster by Alvaro Alvillar

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America Rising Video An Open Letter to Democrats

The message is clear – the people are sick of the status quo and it’s time for change We can believe in. The addition of inspiring and impactful music sets the tone for what is one of the best pieces of propaganda I have seen in a long time.

David Plouffe’s Agenda 2010

…I hope you will check in at Liberatchik (and join our Facebook Page) periodically, regardless of your level of involvement, and see what the other side is up to. Today, I will share my New Year’s message from Organizing for America with you…

Utilizing Conservative Principles of Propaganda

…As a political artist, I well understand the power of a strong and succinct image, that, through repetition, becomes an influential icon. In this way, the arts have become one of the most powerful influences on the American people and culture, with few of us aware of how it happened…

An Article on the Demoralization of America

This is an example of what I am hoping to inspire from Conservative artists in the form of propaganda. The original is a poster design that is now in a private collection with two others that were created for a political art show. The title is Obama Youth and it is based on a WWII Nazi propaganda poster.