Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Unmasked and the Culture of Violence

Occupy Unmasked, as many of you know, is a film by Stephen K. Bannon and Andrew Breitbart. The first thing I have to say about the film is that it made me physically nauseous. The second is that you need to watch it. You need to understand how much the Left hates us and you need to understand that they are only concerned with tearing us down. They do NOT have a solution or an alternative to our system or beliefs.

In the words of Alinsky, they are a movement controlled by “organizer(s) who must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent” in order to achieve their ends. Make no mistake — the kids going to jail are not the movement – they are the pawns. They receive marching orders from people who are removed from the violence and repercussions just enough to appear as if they are in the trenches – while avoiding the consequences of their influence.

Occupy is the organized Left. It is big money. It is lifelong activists and organizers. It is the unions and elitists with trust funds. They are monopolizing on the fear and uncertainty of their target audience. They are manipulating people. They will not stop until they destroy America.


Eat the Rich by Shephard Fairey

One of their central and most effective tactics is to dehumanize the enemy – us. When they objectify you and tear down your status as a person, it opens the door for them to justify violence against you. When you become a thing, evil, worthy of extermination, they can influence others to act against you without moral compunction. They start to feel morally justified in committing crimes because the are “RIGHT”. They operate under the premise of any means necessary.

They believe that “Freedom of speech is not compatible with good behavior”. They are withholding violence on a grand scale just long enough for an opportunity to have the most impact on society. They will create as many crises as it takes, and not let any of them go to waste. They will push. They will escalate. They will tear us down.

The most important message of this film is that we must fight back. We cannot back down. We cannot ignore them. They will not stop and they will not go away.

The first step is to become FEARLESS.

FEARLESS by Jimmy Arone
FEARLESS by Jimmy Arone
I will post separately on other issues addressed in the film. For now, please make the time to watch the film and share it with your friends. This is a message that must be heard

Jimmy Arone is a father, a husband, an actor, activist and artist. Originally from the great city of Boston, where the three most important things in people’s lives are sports, politics, and revenge. He has lived in and around Los Angeles since 1975. His dream is to one day return to the magical land of Cape Cod where his character was molded as a young boy.

Frances Byrd is the National Director of Liberatchik.com and a contributing writer at the Big Dawg Music Radio Blog, BlogBytes. Her art can be viewed at MachinePolitick.com

American Crow: The Occupy Wall Street Series

The American Crow is a large black bird with iridescent highlights across its body. It has a very striking physical appearance and behavioral characteristics. It is considered an ill omen by some and a dirty scavenger by others. What better imagery could be used to describe the Occupy Movement?

I am currently developing this idea and related imagery into graphic forms via a series of paintings, drawings and mixed media projects. I recently completed the first painting in the series, working out many details in style and technique. Here is a detail from the painting illustrating the idea that OWS protestors are merely cogs in the machine of The State:

Detail of American Crow #1

In an effort to present a factual and reasoned defense of this analogy, I have spent a great deal of time on the OWS.org website and the Occupy Atlanta page in order to learn exactly what they are demanding. It turns out to be just about everything, but that is a topic for a future post. In addition, I subscribed to the Facebook page for Occupy Atlanta in order to get timely updates about events in my area. It’s infuriating at times, but it helps keep me focused and inspired.

OWS journal; study for The American Crow #1
OWS journal: definitions and research topics

For now, I leave you with the culmination of my idea and the model for future works of art depicting what could very well destroy the culture of America.

American Crow #1

About the Painting

American Crow #1

acrylic, tempera, oil, and glitter on gessoed wood panel

22″ high x 29″ wide x 3′ deep

completed August 2012


Please contact frances@machinepolitick.com for purchasing inquiries.

Frances Byrd is the National Director of Liberatchik.com. She is also a conservative political artist and blogger. Her art can be viewed at MachinePolitick.com.