Conservative Artists Should Stick It to the (Liberal) Man

What a nice surprise for Mother’s Day! My second submission to Big Hollywood went up two days after I submitted the draft to my editor. I took the day off, not expecting to be posted so quickly.

Here’s a sample:

It has become a popular mantra of progressives to claim that conservatives are unable to contribute in any meaningful way to art or entertainment in America.

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How to Exorcise Thought from a Conservative Artist
How to Exorcise Thought from a Conservative Artist
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Frances Byrd is the National Director of, a contributing writer at Big Hollywood and BlogBytes. Her art and writing can be viewed at MachinePolitick.

Conservatives Can’t be Creative

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To the average progressive, it is inconceivable that a conservative could possess any level of creative ability. From some of the comments posted on my first Big Hollywood article describing my personal experiences in the art community, one would be led to believe conservatives are genetically predisposed to a boring and talentless existence. This failing on our part automatically disqualifies us from any discussion concerning culture or the arts. Because we will never contribute first-hand to these lofty aspects of society, in the eyes of the average progressive, we are not permitted to voice an opinion on the subject.

Many among the elitists in the art community will take this premise a step further, and suggest that conservatives are soulless monsters. This appears to be the only way they can justify a blanket statement disregarding anything conservative as being creative. This is also a common progressive tactic of dehumanizing the opponent. When you strip an entire demographic of their humanity, no one is particularly interested in how you treat them. Hence, the personal attacks in the comment threads of conservative artists and writers and the open exclusion of their work in any traditional art forum. Coming from a group that prides themselves on open-mindedness and relativism, this is quite a contradiction. Some even went so far as to suggest that I was making the whole thing up, because they know for a fact that these things just don’t happen. All of this angst-ridden protestation does, however, back up my point by validating my observation that liberals are anything but, well, liberal.

I think the real issue here is that liberals and progressives are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of being the evil elite in the art community. They are the wielders of power and makers of kings; expecting the artists to grovel at their feet for a chance at the coveted public exposure they so jealously guard. Though a position of power may come with its perks, it also comes with resentment and backlash. The liberal elite are now in the inconvenient position of having to admit that a conservative political artist is avante-garde and revolutionary. That comes with a cool factor that they will not allow us to have without a fight. Because, if we’re perceived as being cool, the youth of America will become interested in what we are doing. Then, for us, possibilities are endless.

In the words of my friend and partner at Liberatchik, Christopher Cook, “Human liberty and natural rights are an unstoppable force: as long as there are humans, we will yearn for liberty. A movement [to express this yearning] is building now, and art will be a part of it. The statists can delay it, but they cannot stop it. Their time is coming to an end.” I am looking forward to being a voice for this movement and I hope you are as well.



Frances Byrd is the National Director of, a contributing writer at Big Hollywood and BlogBytes. Her art and writing can be viewed at MachinePolitick.

How Conservative Artists Can Use New Media, Work Around Liberal Critics

Being a gadfly has finally paid off!

I made a pest of myself at CPAC this year, then followed up with some good, old-fashioned harassment when I got back. Thanks to the guys at Big Hollywood for giving me a platform!

“Most people can’t conceive of such a thing because they have always believed conservatives aren’t particularly creative. Others think having a message ruins the work. I am here to explain why we should be both seeking out and supporting conservative artists.

Like many creative conservatives I know, I spent several years struggling alone to make my way in the liberal-dominated art community. I tried to figure out what people wanted to buy from an artist. I spent hours walking through galleries to see what was selling. However, I am not the least bit interested in painting still-lifes or landscapes. Photo realism and portraiture don’t interest me much beyond their technical aspects. I can’t stand most abstract or modern art.”…

Read the full article here.


How Can Art Affect Public Perceptions, Opinions and Philosophy?

Art affects people on many levels. First and foremost, it affects the viewer by appealing to their individual aesthetic preferences. We may not know why we like a piece of art, only that it appeals to us. This visual connection may be a result of color, composition, shape, balance and a myriad of other elements, alone or in various combinations. Some work appeals to us merely because it is pretty. Other pieces illicit an emotional reaction. Our attractions vary with our beliefs and personalities, as much as with the merits of the work we are viewing.

The iconic nature of modern graphic design, and its influence on the fine arts, has become a useful and often subtle tool of the modern propagandist. We are so immersed in the realm of digital and printed media, that we are often exposed to ideas and marketing on a subconscious level. In the younger generations, the need to fit in and be considered cool makes their demographic particularly susceptible to an underlying idea or agenda. Good art, skillfully employed, can reduce a complex concept to a simple image that is easily understood and successfully promotes a particular concept or belief. Depending on the subtlety or brazenness of the image, the viewer may not even realize they are looking at anything more complicated than a cool graphic. Subtle works of art are often more successful because the message they are promoting goes unnoticed on a conscious level. In this way, ideas are perceived as truth without questioning motives, availability of facts, or opposing points of view. The success of this type of propaganda is increased by repetition which serves to reinforce the formation of the desired opinion. I am going to focus entirely on the cultural and political aspects of propaganda, particularly on the influence it has on the way people think and act (please check back for additional articles in this series). I believe the influence of ideas and philosophy has the most lasting and significant impact on our culture. Art is, quite possibly, the most affective tool for the dissemination of ideas.

When used by the individual artist, these expressions of philosophy and opinion fall firmly within the realm of free speech. When sponsored by the government, they become manipulative propaganda. Regardless of the intended use of the art in question, the intended outcome of its use, or the projected benefit, it is not an appropriate endeavor for government. There is too much room for abuse and factual inaccuracy or manipulation and insufficient objective scrutiny to maintain unbiased representation. More importantly, government funding of the arts is an inappropriate use of tax money, regardless of its intended use.

Occupy Unmasked and the Culture of Violence

Occupy Unmasked, as many of you know, is a film by Stephen K. Bannon and Andrew Breitbart. The first thing I have to say about the film is that it made me physically nauseous. The second is that you need to watch it. You need to understand how much the Left hates us and you need to understand that they are only concerned with tearing us down. They do NOT have a solution or an alternative to our system or beliefs.

In the words of Alinsky, they are a movement controlled by “organizer(s) who must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent” in order to achieve their ends. Make no mistake — the kids going to jail are not the movement – they are the pawns. They receive marching orders from people who are removed from the violence and repercussions just enough to appear as if they are in the trenches – while avoiding the consequences of their influence.

Occupy is the organized Left. It is big money. It is lifelong activists and organizers. It is the unions and elitists with trust funds. They are monopolizing on the fear and uncertainty of their target audience. They are manipulating people. They will not stop until they destroy America.


Eat the Rich by Shephard Fairey

One of their central and most effective tactics is to dehumanize the enemy – us. When they objectify you and tear down your status as a person, it opens the door for them to justify violence against you. When you become a thing, evil, worthy of extermination, they can influence others to act against you without moral compunction. They start to feel morally justified in committing crimes because the are “RIGHT”. They operate under the premise of any means necessary.

They believe that “Freedom of speech is not compatible with good behavior”. They are withholding violence on a grand scale just long enough for an opportunity to have the most impact on society. They will create as many crises as it takes, and not let any of them go to waste. They will push. They will escalate. They will tear us down.

The most important message of this film is that we must fight back. We cannot back down. We cannot ignore them. They will not stop and they will not go away.

The first step is to become FEARLESS.

FEARLESS by Jimmy Arone
FEARLESS by Jimmy Arone
I will post separately on other issues addressed in the film. For now, please make the time to watch the film and share it with your friends. This is a message that must be heard

Jimmy Arone is a father, a husband, an actor, activist and artist. Originally from the great city of Boston, where the three most important things in people’s lives are sports, politics, and revenge. He has lived in and around Los Angeles since 1975. His dream is to one day return to the magical land of Cape Cod where his character was molded as a young boy.

Frances Byrd is the National Director of and a contributing writer at the Big Dawg Music Radio Blog, BlogBytes. Her art can be viewed at

Utilizing Conservative Principles of Propaganda

From the Oxford Essential Dictionary, American Edition:

1. organized program of publicity, selected information, etc., used to propagate a doctrine, etc.

2. usually derogatory. ideas, etc., so propagated.


From the New American Webster Handy College Dictionary, Revised and Expanded Edition:

ideas disseminated to support a doctrine


From the American Century Thesaurus:

1. agitprop, disinformation, newspeak, rumours, lies.

2. advertising, promotion, publicity, public relations, puff, fanfare.



1. the systemic propagation of a doctrine or cause, or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

2. material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause: wartime propaganda.

3. propaganda Roman Catholic Church. A division of the Roman Curia that has authority in the matter of preaching the gospel, of establishing the Church in non-Christian countries, and of administering Church missions in territories where there is no properly organized hierarchy.


From Encyclopedia

Systemic spreading… of information or disinformation, … usually to promote a religious or political doctrine with the intention of instilling particular attitudes or responses. As a system of spreading information it was considered a legitimate instrument of government, but became notorious through the deliberate distortion of facts or the publication of falsehoods by totalitarian regimes, notably Nazi Germany.

The word comes from the activities of a special sacred congregation of the Roman Catholic Church…which sought to spread the faith and recruit members.

In the US in the 1980s, the term ‘public diplomacy’ was introduced.

Government-sponsored reports and articles were presented to the media as independent sources…

…black propaganda (a pack of lies), grey propaganda (half-truths and distortions), white propaganda (the truth).

Propaganda has been practiced since the earliest times, but modern mass media has made it much easier to appeal to wide domestic and foreign audiences…


You might be wondering why I just put you through so many definitions of the same word – propaganda. It is because I am endeavoring to better understand the term, its use, and the affect it has had on our culture. From there, I want to examine how the government, media, and entertainment industries are using propaganda to influence our points of view. The answers to all of these issues are crucial to our understanding of the opposition and the formation of a reasoned and honest rebuttal. As a political artist, I well understand the power of a strong and succinct image, that, through repetition, becomes an influential icon. In this way, the arts have become one of the most powerful influences on the American people and culture, with few of us aware of how it happened.

Ask yourself a couple of questions.

How did you form your personal philosophy?

What influences led you to the formation of those beliefs?

Did you verify facts, or merely accept ideas at face value?

Are you even aware of where you got the information, or when you first formed your beliefs?

If you cannot answer these questions satisfactorily, it is time for you to do some research. I am not here to change your mind, or convince you that I am right. You must form those conclusions for yourself. What I am here to do is accumulate the information I need to better understand how to explain and promote the concept of Liberty, why it is preferable to the nanny-state of big government, and how I intend to use my art to spread this message. Finally, I am encouraging all artists who share my views to step up and join the fight.


This is propaganda. I will not lie to you, and you are free to leave at any time. I hope, however, that you will verify my assertions and form your own opinions.

Frances Byrd is the National Director of and a contributing writer at the Big Dawg Music Radio Blog, BlogBytes. Her art can be viewed at





The Conservative Artist’s Handbook


This handbook was originally written during the development of  Liberatchik. I am posting it here as part of a series of articles leading up to CPAC 2013. (Co-Author Christopher Cook)
What is Conservative Propaganda?

*Art for the new American Revolution*Creative, Conservative, Agitprop


How to be Openly Conservative in the Liberal Wasteland of the Arts

  1. Be strong in the conviction that you have a right to your opinions and their expression through your work. If you are not overtly political through your creativity, this rule does not apply. However, do not be afraid or ashamed of your philosophical views. Regardless of your inspiration or its manifestation, your personality, in its entirety, is essential to your creativity. Feelings are very powerful; put them to use.
  2. You must be willing to work hard. This is particularly important to those of you interested in creating political and patriotic works of art; be they film, paintings, sculpture, etc. The art community is cliquish and closed-minded in general, and often outwardly hostile to those it finds offensive. Be prepared to offend people, even when it is not your intention to do so. The best response is a reasoned argument.
  3. Do your research. If you intend to produce propaganda, you must be diligent in this point. If something elicits an emotional reaction, and inspires a painting, by all means—get to work! However, you must be prepared to defend yourself when you go public with it. You will be misunderstood and reviled in equal measure. As with political discussion, you will have more success defending your views if you can back them up with facts. If you are a purely emotional artist, be prepared to explain why you feel the way you do. Although emotionalism is seen as a virtue by the Left, they will often use yours to berate and demean you. It will be considered a sign of weakness. At some point in your career, you will run into an intellectual elitist who will expect you to know every date and name associated with the subject of your work. Save yourself the frustration of their condescension by providing as much information as you can. (These are usually professors or ex-school teachers, and they can be very patronizing.)
  4. Do not allow your views to be invalidated by accusations of “bigotry” or “fascism.” Be prepared to defend yourself and offer reasoned explanations of your meaning. Giving real examples of collectivist/leftist oppression, bigotry, and fascism will help to educate the undecided, as well as to defend you, your work, and the concepts of Liberty and individualism.
  1. Obstacles to overcome: Liberal outrage, lack of support from and general indifference of the Conservative community, general misunderstanding, resentment, fear of reprisal, black-listing by the art community, propaganda from the opposition.

Necessary qualities to acquire: courage, perseverance, strength, passion, conviction, principles, and determination. All of these traits are vital to combating the opposition.

  1. Goals
    1. Expose the shibboleths of the Left.
    2. Extol the virtues of Freedom and individualism.
    3. Combat Liberal propaganda with Conservative Propaganda.
    4. Produce patriotic art.
    5. Build up the positive while tearing down the negative.
    6. Network and spread awareness of the movement through your work.
    7. Announce openly that you would rather die on your feet, fighting for your principles, than serve the Liberal agenda on your knees or sit idly by while you are censored.
    8. Encourage other artists, particularly those starting their careers, through mentoring, patronage, encouragement, and exposure of their work.
    9. Educate yourself on the history of America and the failures of collectivism. Spread awareness and knowledge in order to extol the virtues of Liberty and the importance of individualism.


Call to Artists!

Are you a libertarian or conservative artist ready to help build this movement? Do you want your art posted in our gallery? Now is the time to say “NO MORE!” to the relentless march of statism. Some do that with activism, some do it through policy work—we do it with art!

Contact us to get started.

Frances Byrd is the National Director of and a contributing writer at the Big Dawg Music Radio Blog, BlogBytes. Her art can be viewed at

Getting Ready for CPAC 2013

This article was written for BlogBytes.



A week from now, I should be meeting up with Lisa Mei for this year’s CPAC! The list of speakers and bloggers is more promising this year than it has been in the past, but I continue to be disappointed by their lack of interest in cultural matters. I will reserve judgment on that point for now and let you know what I think from the event.


These packets include my small Hand of Liberty prints, a copy of the Creative Conservative Action Tools, Liberatchik stickers (The Liberty Symbol), plus business cards, buttons and CDs from some of our artists and the beautiful promo cards my friend Christina made for us.

Liberatchik Packets

In addition to the marketing materials, I am making propaganda leaflets to distribute. The image below is the concept drawing (in progress) for “He is Watching” graphics. More images in this series can be seen here.

He is Watching

I have already started distributing these around the Atlanta area and will be leaving them along the way from GA to DC. If you would like to print and distribute some in your area, drop me an email for the file:


Frances Byrd is the National Director of and a contributing writer at the Big Dawg Music Radio Blog, BlogBytes. Her art can be viewed at


Effigy #1984

Effigy #1984

With the exception of editing typographical errors, this article has been left as it was originally written for MachinePolitick.

Effigy #1984

Completed: 2004

Medium: Mixed media.

Price $550

Dimensions: 37w x 18h x 1d

Notes: Professionally framed with conservation glass.


This illustration is a commentary on the overwhelming hatred of George Bush that seems to infect most of the liberal population. Granted, all politicians have opposition, but I can’t remember hearing so many people wishing someone dead as there are for Bush. I’m not his biggest fan by far, but we could and have done worse.

The level of hatred and overwhelming anger exhibited by these people reminded me of the Two Minutes Hate in George Orwell’s novel 1984, so I set to work making a visual representation of the phenomenon. I have personally had conversations with people who broke down and screamed “Bush is a fascist” when the discussion didn’t go their way. It seems to be a mania, or dementia, or compulsion to call a person a Nazi when you can no longer carry on a rational conversation. I guess the point I’m making is, it’s a little scary when people get so angry they can’t be rational anymore.

Accordingly, I used excerpts from the book that illustrate the point I’m trying to make. Each excerpt is accompanied with a graphic image that is a visual representation of the thought expressed in the novel. they’re arranged in a gritty, sequential art style that is supposed to make you feel a little edgy- the way those people make me feel when they start raving. I’ll be the first to say I’m guilty of the same behavior, but I like to spread it around a little. I tend to think all the politicians are the problem, and our government could stand a little less of itself.

A great deal of thought went into this piece and there was much research into the visual elements as well as the literary. The celebrity quotes are from a variety of sources and I didn’t document them as well as I normally would, but they’re out there if you look hard enough. The rest of the quotes and statistics are referenced below.


The Origin of the Double Standard
Michael Tremoglie

Hate Speech from the Left
Jeff Jacoby    December 29, 2003

Like, I’m Psychologically Disturbed
Cal Thomas    July 29, 2003

1984, George Orwell
Excerpts from Chapter 5

The American Psychological Association Psychological Bulletin Study on Conservative Behavior

Frances Byrd is the National Director of and a contributing writer at the Big Dawg Music Radio Blog, BlogBytes. Her art can be viewed at

New Liberty Designs

This year, I am hoping to start promoting Liberatchik and our Liberty based art movement through posters, merchandise and materials that can be printed and distributed by our members. Here are some of the designs I have been working on. Please share and keep an eye out for links to new items and ways you can help. If you want printable versions of the graphics below, please shoot me an email at

LibertyFont FullTurqIndigo
















Liberty TurqIndigo
















Liberty Indigo
















Liberty FullTurqIndigo
















Liberty Border CPAC13
















































Defend Liberty Border
















Frances Byrd is the National Director of and a contributing writer at the Big Dawg Music Radio Blog, BlogBytes. Her art can be viewed at

Sucking the Party Dry

I was recently invited to join the Big Dawg Radio Blog, BlogBytes, as a contributing writer. Though my first article has not been approved yet, you can view their page at the link provided. I will post the article link on Liberatchik’s FaceBook page when it goes up.

As part of my responsibilities at BlogBytes, I have been asked to write some articles explaining my work. I realized that some of you here are not familiar with my early paintings and drawings and decided to write those articles now.


This painting was donated to the 2011 Art Papers Auction in Atlanta. This is a prestigious annual event that raises money fro art grants and projects supported by the organization. As a participating artist, I received 35% of the final bid on the painting.


Medium:Acrylic and china marker on masonite

Dimensions:24w x 48h x 2d


This painting is a statement on the power-hungry nature of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Since Hillary is the most guilty of this vice, it could be said the painting is an homage to her hunger for power and esteem at the expense of all else. I’m sure Bill has just come along for the ride. The Clintons, like so many of their peers, will stop at nothing to be in the spotlight. They do this even at the expense of their own party, movement and supporters. They will literally suck the Democratic Party dry if it will achieve their goals. Amazingly, some of their liberal counterparts have grown wise, and have become a great source of quotes on the subject. These quotes form the under-painting of this piece.

**Update, January 2013 – the links to the original article are no longer active. While I normally provide a bibliography for my research, I will have to leave it up to you to verify the quotes at this time.**

The emaciated donkey is the Democratic Party when it has lived out its usefulness to the Clinton political machine. Bill and Hillary are the flatworms emerging from the spent carcass, eagerly looking for the next victim. Though a flatworm can be excused for its nature, the Clintons cannot. The worm cannot help being a parasite. The Clintons, and so many like them, are aware of the damage they do and the cost their constituents bear – and take full advantage. All of the quotes come from a single article which contained many more. There just wasn’t room in one painting for all of them.

Frances Byrd is the National Director of Liberatchik.comand a contributing writer at the Big Dawg Music Radio Blog, BlogBytes. Her art can be viewed at

Movie Review: Runaway Slave

Runaway Slave Documentary
Runaway Slave Documentary

This powerful documentary by Rev. C.L. Bryant is crucial viewing for those who truly want to change the plight of black Americans and bring an end to the racial divide in our country. Runaway Slave throws into stark contrast the opposing views of entitlement foisted on the black community by LBJ’s Great Society against the message of self-reliance and independence building among those who want to heal the wounds of our past.

Through a series of interviews and candid conversations on the streets across America, Rev. Bryant reveals a racial bitterness in the black community and attempts to explain, not only why  people still feel this way, but how their champions in the Democrat Party are responsible for sustaining an environment that cultivates these feelings. The most important questions, that deserves and answer in this film is: How can people continue to follow community leaders who offer no solutions to lift up the black community while simultaneously fueling dependence, envy and hatred among those people?

The beginning of the documentary compares Rev. Al Sharpton’s Reclaim the Dream Rally to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally, which occurred at the same time just blocks away. At Sharpton’s Rally, there was a message of anger, resentment and false accusations; at Beck’s, a call for community based solutions and an effort to right the wrongs of the past. At Sharpton’s rally there are demands for reparations and accusations of racism; at Beck’s a call to step out of the darkness of the past and create good for all people.

The result of these distinctly opposing messages was clear in the reactions of the people Rev. Bryant engages as the rallies end. A young woman leaving the Reclaim the Dream Rally asserts that whites are guilty by inheritance of a legacy based on 500 years of historic oppression and brutality. Several other people claim that America is a racist nation. All of this is fueled by Rev. Sharpton’s speech in which he said “We took food stamps and welfare and re-ordered the economy… We know how to sucker-punch you…”. How do we expect a nation to heal when our community leaders are promoting this message to the people?

Rev. Bryant is attempting to change this mindset and build a network of community leaders with a positive message. He asks, “Why are we divided along racial lines?”, then sets out to explain the answer and offer solutions. One of the young men he interviews sums up the issue by answering, “Our attitude and self-enthusiasm are holding us back”.

This leaves us with only one real question to answer. Will we allow the wounds of our past to be our undoing?

Frances Byrd is the National Director of She is also a conservative political artist and blogger. Her art can be viewed at