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CPAC 2011 Artist: Mark Widhalm

For my entire career I’ve been baffled by the liberal artist’s affinity to socialism. Those who seek to constantly exercise their first amendment rights, support the very policies and policy makers’ efforts to stifle them. Is it because socialism is for the “people” and not the socialist? Maybe. But, whatever the explanation, there’s no denying […]

So You Want to Hang On to Those Earmarks? We’ll See About That!

This article is by a fellow blogger, C. Jeffery Small from Jeffery has recently updated and renamed his blog and can now be found at Small Thoughts for a Complex World Earlier today the online news site, Politico, reported that Jim DeMint was marshaling Republicans to get behind a plan to restrict earmarks from […]

Follow Through by Cole Hunter

I have always been a proud American. Now for the first time in my adult life, I have really seen and understood the true beauty of the American political system in action.  Our country is not perfect.  Some say it is broken.  Yet this nation is far from dead and it is now beginning to […]

Georgia’s 7th District Run-Off Election on 8/10

I usually don’t spend much time advocating on behalf of candidates. I spend entirely too much of my time researching bills, tracking voting records, attending debates and rallies and writing letters to my representatives to want to spend any time promoting one particular candidate. However, I have become increasingly disgusted with the good ole boy […]

An Artist’s Perspective on Being a Modern Conservative

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