Robert Jones

Garish: Roadside Color Polaroids by Robert Jones

A man after my own heart, Robert Jones snubs his nose at the snobbery and narrow-mindedness of the art community with this beautiful and moving collection of Polaroid photographs. The “Garish” color and unsettling undercurrent of some of the photos are qualities that first attracted me to Mr. Jones’ work. In his coffee table book, […]

CPAC 2011: Liberatchik Art for Liberty


CPAC 2011 Artist: Robert Jones

Robert Jones is one of my favorite photographers. The high contrast of his black and white photos creates a mood and narrative that is lacking in most modern photography. The high saturation of his color work is equally impressive. Robert is a writer in addition to being a photographer and has been one of my […]

Be a Mensch, Not a Maus

By Robert Jones of Liberatchik … By day, you’re just some guy or girl with a workaday job.  You save up enough loose change and singles to finance what your family regards as your “eccentric hobby.”   The earmarks of your passion are the oil paint you can’t fully scrape out from under your fingernails or […]

Liberatchik Post: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

The Fourth of July really pisses me off. This year in particular, I will be surrounded by born again patriots who have suddenly found a reason to be proud of America. The concepts of Liberty and individualism are dead! Let’s all eat cake!! I hate to break it to them, but when the cake comes […]

June 12 Patriot Pony Project Launch

The main event yesterday went very well. I will write something about the experience once things settle down a bit. In the mean time I will post photos of the event. We are also listed on the front page of the local section for the Tribune-Review today. It is the second article they posted about […]

Photos from the Farm

I am exhausted after a long day on the farm. Here is the short list for today’s activities: taking photos, updating the blog, driving over to the farm, cleaning the barn, setting up tables with merchandise, hanging photographs, pricing work, etc.. I will be up bright and early tomorrow, I hope, to go over and […]

Patriot Pony Project

The Patriot Pony Project JOIN US:  SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 2010 WHISPERING WINDS FARM, 1418 OLD STATE ROUTE 119, MT. PLEASANT, PENNSYLVANIA, 15666-3511 – 724.547.2550 I got up at 6am today, which is an absolute miracle. I’ve been straightening up the house and getting our pets ready for our absences. The cars are packed, directions are […]

Leaving the Conservative Closet

The following is an article by a new member of Liberatchik. His name is Robert Jones, and he is a spectacular photographer….