Robert Jones

Garish: Roadside Color Polaroids by Robert Jones

A man after my own heart, Robert Jones snubs his nose at the snobbery and narrow-mindedness of the art community with this beautiful and moving collection of Polaroid photographs. The “Garish” color and unsettling undercurrent of some of the photos are qualities that first attracted me to Mr. Jones’ work. In his coffee table book, Garish, Robert captures the quirky, the possibly forgotten, and the aesthetically shocking in a way that compels the observer to flip the pages in anticipation of the unseen images to come.

Though not a photographer myself – I am a wielder of paint and hand-cut prints – I appreciate the painterly quality of many of  Roberts photographs. In particular, when reading the book, I was continually and pleasantly surprised by the bold and often contrasting colors contained in its pages. Further, in reading his thoughts on the photography community’s disdain for color, I couldn’t help but relate with his experiences. As a painter of ideas that often offend the sensibilities of the mainstream art community, I know full well how it feels to be on the outside looking in.

Garish is a fitting addition to the coffee table collection of any discerning art enthusiast – particularly those who can think outside the box and welcome a new perspective. For those with more traditional preferences, I direct you to the monumental works touched on in the book depicting the silos and grain elevators of the American west. These awe-inspiring and humbling photos can be viewed on Robert’s web page, along with many other collections.

Robert Jones is an accomplished photographer whose work has been shown in galleries world-wide. His portfolio can be viewed at Robert Jones Photography.

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CPAC 2011 Artist: Robert Jones

Robert Jones is one of my favorite photographers. The high contrast of his black and white photos creates a mood and narrative that is lacking in most modern photography. The high saturation of his color work is equally impressive. Robert is a writer in addition to being a photographer and has been one of my biggest supporters over the last year.

I just wanted to take a minute, before posting his work, to thank Robert for his continued support and participation in this project. We are also working behind the scenes on various projects that we hope will further advance our work here at Liberatchik. You can view some of Robert’s writing and samples of work from his upcoming book, Garish, at his blog.

Robert Jones

Art was once the province of individuals seeking truth through beauty. It is now mainly a wasteland run by nihilists posing as skeptics. Blind to beauty, passion, and greatness, today anyone aspiring to the title of artist need only affect a bored sneer, stir up some safe controversy, and peddle his own imitative retread of some facile piffle as “irony.”

The real irony is that there are thousands of artists who’ve paid their dues, honed their chops, and striven for something far grander – only to be dismissed by their erstwhile artistic peers. You will find some unjustly blackballed by the system, others still hanging in there, but more than quite a few succeeding brilliantly.

Yet, although they share high aesthetic standards and right-leaning politics, they’re isolated on both fronts. This is only fitting, given their individualist ethos. A community of individualists is indeed almost oxymoronic. But, it’s also desolate and self-defeating to remain a loner.

As an artist, conservative, and individualist, I’m honored to work with fellow artists who’ve the guts to shout “not in my name” to the anti-art, anti-beauty, and anti-American agenda of today’s post-modernist artsy fartsy crowd.

My main goal is to create and share forums for fellow conservative artists: Galleries, expositions, art fairs, book and e-publishing. To take on and beat the collectivists on their own turf: Ten years from now, I want to see our art galleries in Santa Fe, New York, Madison, Athens, Portland, Austin, and Berkeley.

You can view Robert’s portfolio at his web page.

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Be a Mensch, Not a Maus

By Robert Jones of Liberatchik

By day, you’re just some guy or girl with a workaday job.  You save up enough loose change and singles to finance what your family regards as your “eccentric hobby.”   The earmarks of your passion are the oil paint you can’t fully scrape out from under your fingernails or the smell of photo fixer you can’t get out of your skin and clothes no matter how often you wash them.

You hide your political beliefs.  You know you’re not a liberal, a progressive, one of those mindless lemmings who’ve “gone green.”  But, you’re struggling in your art career, and your position in the gallery scene is too precarious to let people know the “real you.”

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Liberatchik Post: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

The Fourth of July really pisses me off. This year in particular, I will be surrounded by born again patriots who have suddenly found a reason to be proud of America. The concepts of Liberty and individualism are dead! Let’s all eat cake!!

I hate to break it to them, but when the cake comes from the gubment, it’s stale and moldy. You’d think with all the socialist nations floundering around us, these people could see where we’re headed.

Rather than depress you with any further ranting, I will move on to the main purpose of this article, which is to inspire you. When I first started creating political art, I had a lot of angst to unload. I stayed in my studio researching and painting furiously and complained all the time. Things haven’t changed all that much in that regard over the past eight years, but my approach is a little different. My husband kept trying to tell me people need to be inspired, not browbeaten – and I didn’t listen. I can be a little stubborn. He said, it should be about the art first and the ideas second. I said, How dare you!

Then the Tea Party movement popped up and I marched out with my arty farty protest sign and started to talk to people. I’ve been attending lectures and rallies, MeetUps and seminars for the last two years. You know what? He was right. If you’re here, your angry and odds are, you’re working toward the solution. You don’t need to be reminded what’s wrong. You need to be inspired to stay for the long haul.

So, this fourth, get out there and celebrate the Liberty you are fighting to restore to America. Be proud of the country you live in – where you can still voice your opinions. Thank those who serve in the military to protect our freedoms. Rest assured that there are others fighting with you. On all fronts. And take some inspiration from the artistic movement building to restore the concept of Liberty to the American mindset.

Irene Deely – Liberty Let’s Roll

William Harris – William Harris Art

Robert Jones – Robert Jones Photography

Liberty 1886

Frances Byrd – MachinePolitick

Lonni Clarke – Classical Portraiture

Ashley Norfleet – Graphic Design and Fine Art

Robin Borland – ArtRob Studios

Matthew Welter – Monumental Sculpture

If you know anyone else, feel free to post a link.

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June 12 Patriot Pony Project Launch

The main event yesterday went very well. I will write something about the experience once things settle down a bit. In the mean time I will post photos of the event. We are also listed on the front page of the local section for the Tribune-Review today. It is the second article they posted about the trip.

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Photos from the Farm

Claire's Spring House
Claire's Spring House
The horses out in one of the pastures

Looking out across Claire's back yard
Looking out across Claire's back yard
Looking up the hill to Claire's labrinth
Looking up the hill to Claire's labyrinth
The back side of the barn
The back side of the barn

I am exhausted after a long day on the farm. Here is the short list for today’s activities: taking photos, updating the blog, driving over to the farm, cleaning the barn, setting up tables with merchandise, hanging photographs, pricing work, etc..

I will be up bright and early tomorrow, I hope, to go over and put the finishing touches on everything. I met the horses today and spent some time building trust with Holly, who will be my canvas tomorrow. She is a beautiful dappled horse whose pattern shows very nicely through the paint.

Now I have to finish my speech, so I’m off! I’ll have details for you tomorrow night.