American Crow: The Occupy Wall Street Series

The American Crow is a large black bird with iridescent highlights across its body. It has a very striking physical appearance and behavioral characteristics. It is considered an ill omen by some and a dirty scavenger by others. What better imagery could be used to describe the Occupy Movement? I am currently developing this idea […]

Debt Bondage, the US Congress, and a Show-Cause Order

This illustration was commissioned by David Leeper of Western Free Press. You can see the article for which it was illustrated at this link. It has also bee published at the Tea Party Tribune. Tweet Frances Byrd is the National Director of, a conservative political artist and blogger. Her art can be viewed at […]

Atlas Shrugged in 2011?

I received the following article in an email from a close friend today. It is telling and frightening at the same time. I recently reread the book in preparation for a series of paintings paralleling current events and those in the novel. Ayn Rand Was Right: Wealthy Are on Strike Against Obama by Wayne Allyn […]

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

… You really cannot blame the citizens in our entitlement culture who think that they can have their lunch and eat it too. After all, look at the example that their legislators are setting as they coast along on their own free-lunch wagon, creating whatever programs they desire, and then printing paper dollars out of […]

The Modern Little Red Hen

This is from one of the radio addresses that Ronald Reagan wrote prior to his presidency. It is an interesting economic parable that still applies to our society. I came across it recently because I am reading Reagan in His own Hand. The Modern little Red Hen Once upon a time there was a little […]

In Case You Have no Idea

The latest from Frances — Two years ago, I met 10 of you. Just before I accepted our party’s nomination in front of 80,000 people in Denver, I spoke with 10 grassroots supporters who had won a trip to meet me backstage. I still remember the time we spent together — because these are […]

Hope and Change Under the American Czar

More Unaccountable Obama Czars July 30, 2010 by Phyllis Schlafly Barack Obama has appointed another Czar from Chicago: the new Food Czar Sam Kass. Officially, he is labeled Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives, but he’s joining the list of more than 35 Czars given broad and unaccountable power over our lives, habits and […]

Dem Congressman: “I Don’t Worry About The Constitution”

This is a post on The Right Perspective. I heard the audio on Neal Boortz’s show this morning, and now it’s in my email, so I’m passing it on to you guys. Please do the same. People need to be reminded constantly that these ‘representatives’ of the people have no respect for the people or […]

The Light of Day Updates

The Light of Day is a novel by my husband, James Byrd. It has been available at Amazon for a couple of months. Now, those of you who live near Snellville can purchase a copy at the Barnes and Noble on Webb Gin House Road, beginning next week. We are currently working on a book […]

Thank Your Reps, Georgians

GEORGIA TEA PARTY PATRIOTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPECIAL GEORGIA HEALTHCARE ALERT PROTECT HEALTHCARE CHOICE IN GEORGIA…YOUR URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED! March 19, 2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE JOIN WITH US SUPPORTING REPRESENTATIVE CALVIN HILL’S BILL TO PROTECT HEALTHCARE CHOICE IN GEORGIA Contact your State Representative this weekend and tell them to vote “YES” on Monday and pass this important […]