The Patriot Pony Project

Happy 4th of July, 2011

I just got back from Oxford, Georgia where I painted some horses for the parade today. I only have a few pictures right now because I forgot my camera, but the folks I worked with will be sending more soon. I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday. Don’t forget the folks who keep […]

Buford Artists’ Group on Display at George Pierce Park

Buford Artists’ Group Presents at the Suwanee Branch of the Gwinnett County Library; Suwanee, GA from March 31 -December 31 , 2010 Buford Artists’ Group,” Visionary Reflections – Studies in Aesthetics”, in Oct. 2010 – Feb. 2011 at The George Pierce Park Community Center Gallery in Suwanee, GA The following are photos I took real quick […]

Patriot Pony Press

Patriotic ponies to encourage gratitude Find us on Facebook on Facebook Become a fan of TribLIVE to get news updates to your wall. We have an app for that The Tribune-Review is offering its free News and Sports app for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. To get the latest Steelers, Penguins, Pirates […]

Photos From the Tribune-Review

After a long absence due to event preparations, I have returned with press and photos to share for The Patriot Pony Project’s first event. There was not a hitch to speak of regarding the event, although my son was greatly disappointed to miss it due to a nosebleed. My husband and I took lots of […]

Photos from the Farm

I am exhausted after a long day on the farm. Here is the short list for today’s activities: taking photos, updating the blog, driving over to the farm, cleaning the barn, setting up tables with merchandise, hanging photographs, pricing work, etc.. I will be up bright and early tomorrow, I hope, to go over and […]

Art for the June 12 Patriot Pony Project Event

The following photos are work that will be available for the June 12th event. I will be working in my studio until then to create more artwork based on photos Claire has sent from her farm. I will also be working on merchandise, such as greeting cards, bumper stickers, and t-shirts for the event. New […]

Updated Photos of Frankie’s Mural

Layout and sketch work. Mural in progress. Details I have suspended work on Frankie’s mural indefinitely in order to concentrate on the Patriot Pony Project. If all goes well, I will be back in the shop before I leave for Pennsylvania. These images will be cross posted at Liberatchik.

Printing Posters for the Patriot Pony Project

This is a photo of my work table (built by my husband) where I create most of my art and work on my computer. The cat in the box is my husband’s, named Odin. He thinks the new kittens (Hank and Abby) and the dog (Ty) can’t find him up there. This photo is from […]

The MachinePolitick Studio

My posting has been light lately because I have been busy preparing my home for a fund raising event. On April 17, from 1-4:30 I will be hosting a viewing of the Tea Party Documentary with the help of my local FairTax coordinator. I will have art and merchandise for sale to raise money for […]

Patriot Pony Project

The Patriot Pony Project JOIN US:  SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 2010 WHISPERING WINDS FARM, 1418 OLD STATE ROUTE 119, MT. PLEASANT, PENNSYLVANIA, 15666-3511 – 724.547.2550 I got up at 6am today, which is an absolute miracle. I’ve been straightening up the house and getting our pets ready for our absences. The cars are packed, directions are […]